Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cali, Virginia, Michigan and Beachbody :)

For those who know me, you know that these past few months have been a complete roller coaster that has given me more than my share of twists and turns.  On Halloween last year, we left our adorable apartment on Coronado Island, and ventured across the U.S. to our new home in Virginia Beach.  The road trip was filled with lots of friends, family, and fast food, unfortunately.  Just as we unpacked the last box in our new place, it was time to head to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  As always with visiting family it was a whirlwind of laughter, shopping on Black Friday, lots of turkey, potatoes, and desserts.  We came back home to Virginia, only to receive a call a few days later that my Grandma had become really ill.  So, I headed back to Michigan without my husband, and spent lots of time in the hospital, helping my family where help was needed, and eating lots of cookies from the bakery in the hospital cafeteria (they were REALLY good!).  My Grandma seemed to be getting better, and was moved to rehabilitation center.  However, on Christmas Day, she took a giant turn for the worse, and was returned to the hospital.  We weren't sure what this meant entirely, after all, my Grandma was a fighter.  It was only a few years ago that she had a heart rate of 19, and miraculously survived.  On New Year's Day, she wasn't getting better, but she also didn't seem to be getting worse.  So, I made the difficult decision to return to Virginia.  Six hours after we had left, I received a call that her kidneys were failing.  Since we were driving, and Jordan had to get back for work, we went the rest of the way to Virginia.  I received an update from my family for the next day or so, and decided to book my ticket for Saturday.  Grandma, however, had other plans, and very early on January 4th, she passed away.  This has been a huge loss to me.  She was not this distant family figure in my life.  I spent many weeks of my summers with my Grandma as a child, and during the school year I would spend the night on the weekends.  I wore her wedding dress on my wedding day.  Even though I have lived far away from her for much of my adult life, we have always talked over the phone.  She has always been in my life.  And now, she's gone, and it's so strange to me that I can't call her, and tell her all about my new home.  It's so silly to say, but I just never had even thought about her dying until it actually happened.  She was that strong.  I always assumed she would just tell her body 'now that's enough of that', and get better.  In some ways there has been relief because she was suffering so much.  She had gained over 50 lbs. of water, her kidneys were failing, she couldn't catch her breath, I felt awful for her.  But selfishly, I was just never ready to say good-bye.  I am so thankful that I serve a God who is unselfish, and knew the timing of my sweet Grandma Gloria.

So, as I said right from the start, this period of my life has been a roller coaster.  I stayed for a little over a week after the funeral to help my family with all of the things that really aren't fun.  But what was interesting, is that it actually was fun in a lot of ways.  Everyday I was in Michigan I spent it with my mom, dad, sisters, my aunt and uncles, my cousins, and we had so many laughs reminiscing about when we were little.  We ate dinner together every night, and honestly, we had a really good time, despite the loss that we had all gone through.  I think it was exactly how Grandma would have wanted things to be.

Now, I am finally getting you caught up to recent news.  When I came home, I got on the scale, mostly because I knew things were not good, and was totally shocked.  I had gained a solid 10 lbs. since our trip from California.  I mean, I knew it was pants were tight, I was doing my whole 'I need to wear a long shirt because my belly is getting big' thing.  But something about seeing a number really set me off.  Enough was enough.  Earlier last year, my husband and I had attempted to be vegan, and loved it!  It was hard, but we had never felt so good in our lives.  Then, somewhere along the way we fell out of it.  The moment I stepped off that plane when I returned to Virginia, was the moment I knew I was in need of a fresh start.  This entry is getting long, so I will give you the details of my veganism in another post.  But this is what I can tell you so far; I have lost 5 lbs. in three weeks and my energy level is completely renewed.  Don't get me wrong, this is really hard for me.  This is the same girl who literally, had a religious experience when I hate a Big John's Steak and Onion sub over Christmas.  I am not someone who has ever felt the need to be disciplined with my food.  But, the more I read and watch, I can't ignore it any longer.

Another change in my life is Beachbody!  I started doing the Insanity program when I got back to Virginia, and let me tell you, it is TOUGH!  But oh man, do I feel amazing!  And as the weeks have gone on, I had a very close friend invite me to be a coach with her.  Today is actually marking my first day as a Beachbody coach, and I am so excited to start.  This is going to be great because I can help myself by being a part of a company that is going to keep me accountable to my fitness and diet, I am able to work with my wonderful friend, Brittany again, and, I have the opportunity to tell people about something that truly has been changing me.  The way I figured, it was a win win.  So, here marks the start of what I hope to be a great pursuit.  And, I hope for those who are reading, it marks a day of renewed strength for resolutions that you made.  It is typically around this time of year that I totally poop out on whatever resolutions or goals that I made at the start of the year.  After 29 years, I have finally figured out that the key to keeping resolutions is to make yourself accountable to them once a day, once a week, and tell other people about the decisions that you made.  Hence, this blog, and my commitment to Beachbody.  I encourage you to do the same!  As the days and weeks go on, I hope to show you recipes I'm trying, fitness plans I'm following, and of course the ups and downs of an inconsistent person trying to be consistent.  Thanks for reading!

                                              Here is the link to my BeachBody website!

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