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As I get older I've found that I really lack that 'runner's high' that people often refer to.  Instead I can often find myself thinking 'I have ALL DAY to do this workout, I'll just do it later'.  Inevitably, later comes, but the workout...not so much.  So, I've had to work really hard to push my mind past the slumps that I often have when I have attempted to workout on a regular basis.  Eventually, I do think that I'll look forward to exercising as it becomes a habit.  But for now, I have to look to other areas that do get me motivated.  So, I'm going to share with you all my routine, feel free to analyze what you think this says about me.  But after years of trying to convince myself that I just LOVE to workout, I need to accept where I am at, and work from there.  That being said, here are some of my odd nuances....feel free to share your own so I don't feel so weird!

-Checklists/Goals: I LOVE a checklist.  After doing Insanity for nearly four weeks now, you know what I look forward to?  Checking off the Insanity calendar that I completed today's workout.  It REALLY motivates me.  Because then I immediately look on the calendar to see where I'm headed, and it even gets me thinking about what I'm going to do after Insanity is over.  When I look at anytime in my life that I have worked out consistently, it has always been because I have a goal before me.  In the past, it was always some kind of race, a marathon, a half-marathon, a mud run, this is the first time that I'm trying to get through a workout program, but it has the same affect.  I have a goal that I am striving to attain, and that's what I need to get me through.

-Workout clothes: How many of us love to wear our clothes that we just bought the very next day?  I do!  I can't just put them in the closet and forget about them.  I HAVE to wear them immediately.  I'm the same way with workout clothes.  Getting a new pair of shorts, tank top, heck, even some new socks really motivates me.  Because if I work out then I get to attempt to look good while I'm sweating buckets.  It's kind of silly, but it is a motivator!

-The Hair: For those who know me, or if you've even seen a picture of me, you know that I have got serious hair.  It's long, it's thick, there's just a lot going on.  When I work out, my hair tends to get frizzy, so I wouldn't really say that I have long beautiful locks that are blowing in the wind.  It's more like I have sweat pouring off of me, and my hair is going stick to my face, be all over my sweaty back, and more or less it's going to leave me frustrated and feeling even more disgusting than I already do.  The hair goes up in a high pony tail, FAR AWAY from it being able to touch any part of me.  Then, if I'm feeling especially sick of it, I wrap it around the pony tail a few times so it's a sock bun on top of my head.  For extra precautions I put on a stretchy head band, and I am ready to go.

-Playlist: Now, I should caution that if you are doing a workout like Insanity, P90x or whatever, make sure you've done the dvd enough that you feel comfortable to not have the sound on.  Having done Insanity for a little while, I just started having my ipod on.  And it REALLY helps!   Music has a huge impact on my level of intensity.  Everyone's workout playlists are different.  For some people, Britney Spears does it for them.  Others would say something that is fast, like techno.  I've even heard people say that Classical music really gets them motivated.  To all of you, I am sorry, but what gets me going is what I like to call 'angry music'.  I tried denying this fact about myself for many years, because I thought 'why CAN'T classical be that thing that helps me?'  Who knows, but I've decided to just embrace the fact that I work out better if I'm a little ticked off.  So, my playlist includes things that have a very heavy beat, that may or may not have some screaming going on.  It's so strange, and I'm a little embarrassed to even write about it, because it's just not how I am in any other setting besides when I'm working out.  I'm a total Adele and Florence and the Machine kind of girl.  Anyway, I'll stop stalling and just tell you that my playlist includes bands like The Used, Beastie Boys, Finch, Brand New, and even (gasp) The Rocky IV soundtrack....they don't scream, but when that synthesizer comes in you KNOW that magic is about to happen!  There's definitely other ones mixed in there, but you get the idea.  

My point in telling you all of these ridiculous things about me is use what you know really pumps you up, and will make you go that extra set, or will push you through when you're at a point when you usually stop.  It's at that point that you will start making changes to your body, because you're pushing it a little more than you normally would.  Don't hurt yourself by any means, but we all know when we can give a little extra. So if making a goals list helps out, yelling all crazy like Jillian tends to do on Biggest Loser, or even screaming it out to the Used gets you to do that, then by all means, go for it.  Or, you know Beethoven works too.  We all have our weird things that helps us, gets us in the zone, or whatever you want to call it.  My challenge to you is to think about what those things are, use them in your next workout and see what happens.  My hope is that you find yourself in a gray sweatsuit, blasting 'Eye of the Tiger', and jumping up and down while fist pumping at the top of some stair case feeling like you can conquer the world.

If you need additional motivation, or just to get yourself thinking about goal setting, I challenge you to try Chalene Johnson's 30 day Push.  I am on Day 8 of this challenge, and it has been amazing at how simple it is, but how challenging it has been.  Best of all, this challenge is completely free!  Here is the link if you're interested:

Also, don't forget to visit my Beachbody website, there's some pretty amazing stuff that goes way beyond Insanity and P90X!:


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