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Shakeology. What's the Big Deal?

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From time to time I am going to post about something that I am trying out as a BeachBody coach.  And this particular time, I want to start by talking to you about Shakeology.  I've had a few people ask me what it is, and they've asked, why so expensive.  Well, I'm going to give it my best shot to provide as much information as I can about it, and just to be sure that I don't forget anything, I'll give you some links to check out!

As some of you may know, I am mainly sticking to a vegan diet these days.  I say 'mainly' because there have been a few days here and there when it's been hard for me, and, I still haven't mastered how to maintain this if I head over to someone's house and they are not vegan.  I hate it when people say 'oh, I'm vegan' all uppity-like, because that is very much not how I am.  I'm a people-pleaser, probably to a fault, but nontheless, I haven't found an appropriate way to do it, and so, in short, I don't do it.  Anyway, a large part of my decision to become vegan was because I HATED not knowing what I was eating.  I mean, it's going in my body, right?  So, I should probably know what's in it?  I haven't always had this attitude, but over the past couple of years I was more and more made aware of the significant lack of care the food industry appears to have for the health of its customers, and MORE concerned about how much money they are making.  Which isn't a big shock I guess, I mean, they are a company, and companies want to make money.  I guess what shocked me, is the length they will go to, to convince you that what you are eating is healthy, and it couldn't be further from the truth.  I started completely ignoring what the front of a package claimed, and what the back of the package said.  The ingredients.  They are KEY in getting a good picture of what you are consuming.  The more I read, the more disturbed I became.  Initially, I started eating organic...then, I stopped eating dairy, then, I figured, I really am not a big meat eater to begin with, so I stopped eating meat.  Next thing I knew, my fridge was getting filled with fruits and vegetables, and cupboards with various beans, quinoa, and couscous....and I haven't looked back.

'I thought this post was about she likes to rant!'  I know.  Sorry.  But, believe it or not, there is a point.  I say all that to say this.  From what I have read, from what I can see, Shakeology is good stuff! This isn't a complete list, but here is an example of some of the ingredients:
-Sprouted brown rice protein       
-Goji Berry

When I looked at the list, it was hard to argue with it!  It's also hard for me to argue with the way I feel.  I have felt better than I ever have in my life since I chose to be vegan, I chose to exercise, and I chose to drink Shakeology.  I have lost weight, I have more energy, and I used to have HORRENDOUS headaches.  It's been a little over a month and I haven't had one.  I used to have them weekly....sometimes even every other day.  Below is a picture of my results thus far, and I anticipate that they will only continue to see more muscle definition as I continue.  All of these changes have been amazing, and that's why I'm so confident and possibly a little over zealous in sharing about :)

Shakeology claims to be a meal replacement, I can say with total confidence that it carries me through to the next meal.  Several years ago, I drank Slim Fast (which is awful for you, but that's another post!) ,and I was starving after about two hours.  I remember scouring over that six pack box and searching to find out what else I could possibly eat with my Slim Fast.  You know what happened?  I was so hungry that I would eat tons at my next meal, and feel like junk afterwards.  Not a great plan.

I have looked all over the internet, because I think it's important to find out what people who aren't profiting from a product say about it, and the only complaints or concerns that I have found thus far, have been, some people don't like the taste, and some people don't like the cost.  Which, I will say, if you are anticipating an oreo milk shake or will be sorely mistaken.  I drink the Vegan Chocolate, I've tried a few different combinations, but so far, I really like some almond milk and a banana, and I truly think it's good!  The cost?  For a 30 day supply it's $120.  I know what you're thinking.  I thought the same thing.  That's quite a bit for a Shake.  If you are like me, you're on a tight income.  It comes out to $4 a day. And remember, this is a meal replacement.  That is easily a lunch hour trip through the drive-thru, and it's a much healthier option.  I know it seems like a lot because you have to do it all at once, but when you see the results, I think (and I hope!) that you will be glad you spent your money on Shakeology over that double cheeseburger and fries.  I can only attest to the Vegan Chocolate, but they also have Tropical Strawberry, which is actually next on my list, and they have Greenberry, and a non-vegan Chocolate.  So there's a little something for everyone!

Anyway, that was my rant, I hope I didn't commercialize it too much, but the truth is, I wouldn't want to promote or sell anything that I didn't have confidence in.  And I have confidence that this works, because I have seen it in myself!  And I have seen it in so many others who have been using Shakeology.  If you are interested in Shakeology, or wanting to join my Challenge Group on Facebook, please comment, and I will get some information to you.

Here is a link to my Shakeology page, this page provides lots of information that I'm sure I left out if you would like to read it. I have, and it's very interesting!  You can also order Shakeology from here too:

Here is my main BeachBody link as well, if you are wanting to be a part of my Challenge Group, I would encourage you to check out the Challenge Packs!:

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