Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Cleansing

After much debate about what cleanse, if I should do one, how to go about it, what groceries I needed to buy.....I made a decision.  For some, it may not be a surprise, but I am doing the 3 day Shakeology cleanse. And, I'm starting tomorrow.  So, for the next three days, you will hear from me in all my foggy-headed glory, and perhaps, if you're lucky you might here my tired, frustrated tone.  Why would I do this?  There's a few reasons actually, so here they are, in no particular order:

1. Right now, I'm at the tail end of the Insanity program.  For those who are not familiar, at the end of what is already an intensive program, you have to do even MORE intense workouts.  I was really concerned that doing only a juice cleanse would deplete me of calories that I would desperately need to complete these workouts.  By incorporating Shakeology into my cleanse, I will receive the nutrients and calories I need, but still able to complete a cleanse, as Shakeology is, in and of itself a cleansing product.

2.  The last couple of weeks I have definitely been at a plateau in my weight, and I believe that this is because I am at those last 10-15 pounds that I would love to lose.  Those last pounds can be the hardest to get rid of, and I would really like to be able to give my body a boost with it, by flushing it out, and starting to fresh, so to speak.

3.  On a completely superficial note, my husband comes home from training in a few weeks, I'm headed to Florida for spring short; I want to look good!

If you are curious about this cleanse, here is an idea of what I will be doing for the next three days:

Go ahead; be jealous of all that green tea I will be drinking and all those salads I'll be munching on.  Meanwhile, I'm going to try very hard and forget about my coconut milk ice cream in my freezer!  I'll be posting each day while this cleanse is going on to let you know the progress, and to keep myself sane.  Here it goes, wish me luck!


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