Wednesday, March 6, 2013

...and now I ask forgiveness....

So, maybe my last post was a little extreme.  But this is what a cleanse pushes you in ways that you didn't think you could pushed.   And as can often happen in relationships one can often realize, 'did I really need to yell and scream about a dish in the sink?  Really?!  Did I do that?  Oh man, I was a jerk'.   And you have to take a deep breath, swallow your pride, and say 'I'm sorry.'

And that's what happened today with this crazy cleanse.  The truth is, whatever hump I was trying to get over yesterday, I got over it.  And today, I felt great!  And my workout?  It was seriously one of the best workouts I've had since I started the Max Interval portion of Insanity....which is saying A LOT, because they have been tough!  So, I'm here to tell you all, I don't think it was in vain, I truly FEEL better.  The headache is gone, and I feel really light and refreshed in a way.  Don't get me wrong, I completely planned out all of my meals tomorrow, because I am SO excited to eat food again.  And also don't mistake this with me wanting to do a cleanse again anytime soon.  You've really got to mentally prepare yourself for something like this.  For example, today I was perusing around on Pinterest, and I love pinning recipes....not such a great idea today.  I had to stop because I thought if I kept looking I would grab those tortilla chips and salsa in my cupboard that were calling my name, and just down the whole bag.  I'll save that until tomorrow though!

I will do one more post about my cleanse tomorrow to give you the final results.  Weight lost, inches lost, and my 'final thoughts' so to speak, after I've eaten food, and had a little time to digest what I just accomplished...pun intended ;)

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