Monday, March 4, 2013

Day One of far so good!

Well, the first day is nearly complete so I thought I would give an update.  I followed the cleanse fairly well, I just hope to get an earlier start to my day.  The night before I had a mishap with my dark chocolate sorbet!  For those who haven't tried it, whether you're vegan or not....the Ciao Bella dark chocolate sorbet is delicious!  Um, but one problem, it pretty much is all cacao beans, which have lots of caffeine....which caused me to be up until 6 am.  So, my day has been a little off.  Not to worry though, tomorrow I will be back on track.  And honestly, even though my eating, or, I should say my drinking has been a little later than normal, I've still stuck with the schedule and order of events.  So, day one consisted of: 

Waking Up: One glass of green tea

Breakfast: One serving of Shakeology with a banana mixed in, water, and ice

Snack 1: Cup of strawberries/blueberries

Lunch: Cup of green tea, and a serving of Shakeology mixed with only water and ice cubes

Dinner: 3 servings of greens and vegetables.  Along with 4 oz. of protein, and 2 tbsp. of low fat dressing

*because I'm vegan I mixed in the greens that have the highest level of protein (spinach and kale), I also added 4 oz. of kidney beans

Snack 2: Shakeology mixed with only water and ice cubes

So, let me give you my pros list as the day is wrapping up:

Pro: By the time I got to dinner I was so ready to eat something....ANYTHING.  And literally, the spinach, tomatoes, carrots, celery....all of it, it was like this burst of flavor, and it sounds weird, but because I had been drinking the shakeology and tea up to that point, it was kind of like a dessert, because it just had so much flavor.  It was really, kind of cool!

Pro: I have felt totally fine today!  I haven't felt hungry, weak, or anything even close to that.

Pro: I have hated green tea up until now, and having been only 2 cups in so far, I'm starting to really enjoy it.

Now, the cons list: 

Con:  Shakeology by itself, with no fruit or anything added....not good.  I'm doing the Chocolate vegan, so maybe other flavors would be fine standing alone, but this one is tough.  So, I just have to drink it really fast, and I chased it with a glass of water, then I was fine.

Con: I've literally peed about 100 times today...I know that's the whole point...but still, it's kind of inconvenient, but I think ultimately, this will be a pro.

That's what I have for you so far, I have not had homicidal thoughts or bursts of tears, so I think I'm off to a good start!  Tomorrow will be another day, I've heard that the second day can be rough, we will see what it brings....until then, I'll see you tomorrow!


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