Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Results and Reflection of My Cleanse

Well...drumroll please!  Here are the facts and figures from my three day Shakeology Cleanse!

Inches and Weight

Before:                                            After: 

Chest: 36                                         Chest: 35
Right Arm: 10.5                               Right Arm: 10.5
Left Arm: 10.5                                 Left Arm: 10.5
Waist: 29                                         Waist: 28
Hips: 38                                           Hips: 37
Right Thigh: 23                                Right Thigh: 21
Left Thigh: 23                                  Left Thigh: 22
Weight: 140                                     Weight: 140

So, as you can tell, no weight lost for me.  BUT, my inches were another story.  I feel like losing a total of 5 inches in my stomach, hips, and thigh area....and also an inch in my chest, are HUGE for me.  Also, randomly, my left thigh is now bigger than my right thigh....maybe too many switchkicks on one side, haha.  The longer I am going in this process, I am determined that weight loss is NOT the end all, be all.  Especially when you are getting down to those last 10-15 pounds, which is where I am currently at with my weight loss.

My overall assessment and reflection of this cleanse; I would definitely do it again.  Not anytime soon, and I don't know how other people perceive them, but I would not call it enjoyable.  However, I would call it disciplinary, and I think there is always room for that in my life.  'Discipline' would not be the way I would describe my eating habits at all up until these past couple of months.  I've always been a person that doesn't gain weight easily, and that has been my crutch.  I maintained the idea that 'skinny' was 'healthy', and that simply isn't true.  Now that I know what it feels like to be healthy, going back to eating at Taco Bell a few times a week, always having soda in the refrigerator, and gummy bears in my cupboard just doesn't even sound good to me anymore.  And when I started out doing this whole thing, I really didn't think I would come to these conclusions, I figured that I would just do it because I had to, and not because I enjoy it.  There are times that I don't enjoy it, and not everything I eat tastes like an Oreo.  But, my thinking has changed.  Because, even though that Oreo tastes good, it's not worth it to me anymore.  Which brings me back to my cleanse.  Did I enjoy it?  No.  But I DO enjoy the benefits....inches lost, feeling healthy and refreshed...that wouldn't have happened if I'd spent these last three days eating out.

I hope that gives you some hope or new perspective on cleanses if you are wanting to try one out.  I know there are so many cleanses to choose from, and this is but one example.  However, if you are doing a rigorous workout program and want to implement a cleanse, I think the Shakeology cleanse would definitely be the way to go.  You are getting the protein that you need to sustain you through those workouts, that would otherwise be more challenging if you were just doing a juice cleanse.  Juice cleanses can be easily misconstrued as 'starvation plans', and that was certainly not my goal.  I didn't want to be hungry constantly, and I wanted to be healthy and smart with the way that I went about it.  Also, I think three days is plenty...I was ready to be done, but I also didn't mentally prepare myself for more.

That being said, if you are considering Shakeology for a cleanse or to replace one meal a day as is what is recommended for daily purposes, please contact me with any questions or interest!  I am starting a Shakeology Challenge group April 1, and it will be focuses solely on nutrition, and exercise will be optional.
Also, here is my website that gives you a plethora of information about Shakeology, what's in it, why I trust it, and how to order it:

Thank you for reading, I'm sure I'll think of something for next week, so you'll have a break from me for a few days ;)


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