Monday, November 18, 2013

'I Believe'

Before I start this post, I want to warn you:  This may get cheesy.  It may even seem a little silly to those who don't tend to think outside the box.  So there.  You've had your warning.  ;)

Last night, I was watching my ALL TIME favorite Christmas movie, The Polar Express.  This movie always seems to have mixed reviews (the most vocal reviews come from my family!), but it's one that I have always loved and felt a bit of a connection to.  The swell of the music at the end, the promise of keeping 'the magic' alive, it's all just a little much for me, and it always ends with a box of tissue in my lap.

So, I got to thinking last night, WHY does this movie mean so much to me.  WHY do I care that this little boy who was on the road of becoming a skeptic, makes the decision to believe in Santa Claus.  Well, here are a few of the reasons that I came up with.

To start with, the movie begins with a little boy who looks to be around the age that we all started having the doubts about whether Santa Clause is truly real.  Isn't this how we often are in life?  Whenever I have been presented with an opportunity, particularly one that sounds a little too good to be true, I am always skeptical.  As I should be.  There are plenty of scams, plenty of people who want to take advantage, and in the words of the ghost who rides on top of the Polar Express, I most certainly don't want to be 'bamboozled'.

But as the movie goes on, the little boy starts to see through his friends, through his experiences, that there may be something to 'believing'.  And this is where I was at about 8 months ago.  I realized that the paths I had tried prior to this, weren't failures at all, they just weren't making me all that happy in the long run and they weren't the most ideal for my family.

The boys' mother even refers to the idea that her son losing the belief in Santa would so sad, it would end 'the magic.'  How true is that?  Once we all figure out that Santa wasn't real, Christmas just wasn't the same anymore, right?  Sure, the gifts were great, but the magic was gone.  But we don't always realize that we CAN find it again.  Do you know what the equivalent of the magic of Christmas morning is for an adult (or atleast for this adult!)?  Success.  I am SO happy when I am successful.  Success for me doesn't always equate to money, success can be a great conversation that I had with someone, that feeling when I cross the finish line at a race, or when I have completed a long term goal.  That is Christmas morning to me now.  And I love having that feeling!

Finally, the scene of 'the bell' comes on....and this is where my tears really start flowing.  He has seen the reindeer, seen the north pole, but he still did not completely believe.  And he realized that if he wanted to hear that silver bell's crisp, sweet sound, he had to say it, and accept it.  'I Believe'.  Now, I know that someone can use this for a lot of things, but it made me think about my decision to be a BeachBody Coach.  I had seen my friends' success, I knew what I had to do, and I had even signed up myself.  But it wasn't until I attended the Coach Summit in June, that I truly 'believed' and could wrap my mind around all the possibilities that coaching could be for me.  BUT,  I had to believe it.  I couldn't just sit back and experience it, that fire from Summit HAD to keep burning, and I had to continue to work at it...really hard!  Am I an overnight success in this business?  I wish I could say that I am, but that's not what needed to happen, and so it didn't.  Now I know what I need to do, and where I need to go, and although I will always continue to grow in this business, I am very proud to say that 'I Believe', and I am ecstatic to see where my team goes this next year, who we will help, and what we can accomplish.  Do you believe?  Do you know that things should be different for your family?  For yourself?  Coaching could be the answer that you have been looking for.  Trust me, I NEVER had taken something like this a second thought, but then again, some of the best things that have happened in my life are things that I never planned on or intended to do.  Take a leap and believe, figure out what your 'Christmas morning' is, and you will be so grateful that you did!

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