Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Working hard AND smart

I feel as though I have heard that quote 'work smart not hard', quite often these days.  It sounds good initially, right?  And there is SOME truth to it.  But honestly, if this is the ONLY advice you follow, you may find yourself frustrated.  On the other hand if you ONLY work hard, you will also find yourself very frustrated as well...so, my new motto is 'work hard AND smart'.  This, to me, is foolproof.

I grew up in a blue collar family.  My mom worked many jobs before obtaining her degree in communications when I was young, and my dad has maintained the same job as a maintenance manager at a local school.  My parents are people that KNOW the meaning of hard work.  They also knew the limitations that a lack of education can often bring.  So, to keep me from making the same mistake, they drilled into me and all of my siblings 'go to school BEFORE you get married and have kids'.  I remember hearing this at a very young age...and I saw how hard things were for them for many years...so I thought 'this is good advice, I'm going to to go to school so I can get a GOOD job'.  

Here's the thing, I did go to school....and I even went beyond that, and now have a master's degree.  However, I live in a different time than my parents did.  It used to be, that having a degree was something of a novelty, and the economy was booming. Neither of those things are true now, and I quickly realized this after graduation day.  Sure, I found a job.  Sure, I learned SO MUCH from it.  But financial freedom, I quickly found, was not to be the expectation.  In fact, even though I had my graduate degree, I often found myself (and my colleagues) having the SAME complaints that my parents had in their jobs.  Working harder for less pay, clamoring for any job I could find, and feeling unappreciated.  Some people might say 'suck it up, that's real life.'  But my question to them would be 'is it?!'  Maybe that's real life for some, but I didn't like it.  I wanted it to be more....sure I wanted it to be more for myself, because I was, after all, the one working, but I wanted it to be more for my family, more for other people that I could potentially help.  I just had this feeling that I didn't have to 'suck it up'.  In my opinion, I have sucked it up in plenty of jobs, and I was a little tired of all that.  You're talking to someone who has worked in a hotdog factory, in the fast food industry, held cleaning jobs, and just did odd jobs to make ends meet.  I know the meaning of working hard, humbling myself, and just doing things because it paid my bills.  But I also knew, even though I had never done it, there HAD to be another way.

As I sit and write this, I get a little teary-eyed because BeachBody has become the other way for me.  You don't need a degree, or any training....you just need $40, really.  But, there's so much opportunity.  BeachBody can be anything you want it to be.  I want it to blow my old income out of the water, which it is on it's way of doing....I wanted it to pay for a trip to Thailand...which it has already done....I wanted it to give me time with my husband before he deploys...which it does each day that he is here....I wanted it to help me help others, which has happened time and time again.  BeachBody is ALL ABOUT working hard AND smart.  If you do these things, you WILL succeed...because YOU are in control of the results.  Not some boss, and certainly not budget cuts.  Just you.  This can be very freeing, but also a little scary.  It was for me.  But now, I am ALL IN.  Are you?  

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