Monday, January 6, 2014

LIFE. We've got one...let's use it!

With it being the New Year, I just can't help myself but get sucked into all of the New Year's Resolution ideas and's just really fun to me!  I LOVE setting goals, and figuring out ways to make them happen!

Goal setting is so important for me because it helps me see that this just isn't another year.  This is another year of my LIFE.  You know?  Life is a big deal.  Atleast I think so.  First of all, it's given to's literally a GIFT.  Secondly, we can shape it and mold it however we want.  Kind of exciting, right?!  I realize that some of it isn't always up to us...our childhood is very much shaped by our upbringing, and the people that we are surrounded with...but after that, it's on YOU.  Thirdly, your life can help OTHER people's lives.  Now THAT is exciting to me.  Not only can I shape my life into how it is meant to be, and what God has in store for it, but I can help others see this too.  

Over this past week, as I start to shape and plan my year, this idea kept popping into my head, and I know it's simple...and not exactly original...but it is just so exciting to me.  I think sometimes I can get into such a funk, or into my everyday routine, that I forget how special this little life is.  I figured if I forget, probably others do's pretty easy to do.  There are bills to pay, errands to run, jobs to go can be easy to forget that our life is our own.

What will you do with your life this year?  I challenge you to start seeing it as the gift it truly is!  

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