Monday, February 10, 2014

What are your strengths?

I've been thinking a lot lately, about using the strengths that we have.  Building upon them, improving them.  So many times, we are told that we need to be 'well-balanced', which there is some amount of truth to that...but if you live a COMPLETE life of balance, and I personally believe that you'll feel a little lost because you're not focusing on what you are good at, but you're just trying to improve everything all at once...and that can be really overwhelming.

When I first started as a BeachBody coach, I thought, I need to be 'out there', 'crazy', and (gasp) 'salesy'.  And initially, I tried all of those things.  Now, I try to do what I am GOOD at.  Which is well...being ME.  I can be intense at times, but for the most part, I really just have a genuine desire to help others with their goals.  One of the jobs that I always secretly loved was to become a career counselor, because it combined helping people to analyze and narrow down their goals, but it also would have allowed me to help them reach their goal, or at the very least, point them in the right direction.

Do I need to tell people that a program is on sale? Or tell them about Shakeology? Well, I think I do, not because it's on sale or even because I'm selling it...but what if that program is THE workout that is going to help them with their goals?  What if it is the program that they end up loving, and it motivates them to continue working out on a regular basis?  And what would happen if I didn't share that?  See the difference?  I'm using my strength...which is my desire to help others.

And here's the amazing part.  Other people will notice that you are using your strength and become more attracted to what it is you are doing.  You'll start inspiring them to seek their strengths out, they'll ask you for help, they'll want to know more about what you are doing.  Like attracts like.  And that's just the way it has always been.  If you seem uncomfortable or unsure, people will notice that...but if you are doing something that stems from your heart, your dreams, your goals...well, who wouldn't want to be around someone like that?!  And the thing is, you will be focused on your heart, your dreams, your goals, and not so much on uncomfortable or unsure.

I encourage you to journal, read a personal development book (if you need help finding one, I have tons of good ones I can tell you about), talk to people who are achieving their own goals...even if they are different from yours, the mindset and habits in reaching them is always the same.  These will help you to know what it is you are meant for and what your strengths are.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go out and grasp onto it, and when you find it, never let it go!

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