Monday, March 17, 2014

Being Flexible with your Food and a Kick in the Pants Smoothie!

So, I am entering into my third week with P90X3.  For those keeping track, yes, I am STILL doing my workouts FIRST thing in the morning....well maybe not first thing...brushing my teeth is kind of a must, but you get the idea!  I love the energy that I have, the changes I see in my body from week to week, and I love the timing....because this workout is taking me very close to the point that my handsome husband is coming home.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love the vegan lifestyle.  What is vegan?  Well, in a nutshell (pun intended, ha!), being vegan means that there are NO animal products in your diet.  This means, no dairy, eggs, or meat.  I personally, love this lifestyle.  I am one that believes in finding a lifestyle that fits your bodies' needs, and removing meat from my diet always, always helps me.  However, this lifestyle isn't one that's entirely common, and therefore, it often has its challenges.  For example, when I was in Thailand, if I were to attempt this....I'd basically be eating a bunch of rice.  Vegan options are few and far between.  Everything is made in fish sauce, and good luck trying to communicate well enough at a restaurant to say that you don't want it in your food.

When I came back from Thailand, I didn't feel awful, I had continued working out while I was there, but my diet was not the best.  So, I am now meat free again, and that familiar awesome feeling is back.  More energy, more life, my digestion is much just works for me.  I have recently found myself really missing eggs though.  I LOVE eggs.  Of all the things I thought I would miss, eggs hadn't really been a thought.  But every time I deprive myself of them, I find myself missing them.  Because of the protein, and also, the taste!  I felt very guilty about this, after all, if I claim to be vegan, I'm going to do it.  In the end, I've decided I just really enjoy them, and I'm going to eat them.  I always am sure to purchase the cage free eggs (there are various types, but really, you should get this kind), if it doesn't say that on it, it's because the chickens are kept in a cage, not fed the appropriate diet, and more than likely mistreated.  Not cool.  The same goes for egg whites.

I just finished Tony Horton's 'The Big Picture' book, and he talks about this very thing.  He used to be vegan for about 15 years, and realized that including some animal product in his diet was good for HIS BODY.  He still eats pretty much plant based, but every now and then, he incorporates meat.  He also talks about how when you choose to eat a certain way, understand that that might be best for you, but maybe not for someone else.  I do not look down on people who meat.  Sometimes the people who choose food as a lifestyle get this attitude of 'everyone should do this, and if they don't they are horrible.'  First of all, when people do that about ANYTHING, I think it's the wrong attitude.  Whether it's food, religion, politics, various viewpoints...whatever.  If you have a self-righteous attitude, I doubt it will get you very far in convincing others that your way is the best way.  So,  I don't know what to call this egg addition to my meatless lifestyle is, but whatever it is, I'm glad I'm doing it, because it's what I need to do to continue to eat whole and healthy.  And I recommend that you ask yourself the same question.  What does your body need?  I may find eventually that I don't really care if I have eggs or not, I don't know.  But whatever it is, I hope that you do the research, find what works best for you, and then do it!

In the meantime, check out this smoothie I's P90X3 approved, and a great start to your day!

Kick in the Pants Breakfast Smoothie!

-2 Cups unsweetened Almond Milk
-1 banana
-1/2 cup rolled oats
-1 cup blackberries
Blend with about 3-4 icecubes...pour into a glass, add a dash of cinnamon, and enjoy!


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