Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 2: Learning about portions

Portion control:

I think it's safe to say that it's pretty OUT OF control around here.  When we order a meal at a restaurant it comes out on a platter...a PLATTER.  A platter is designed to hold SEVERAL servings for a dinner party.  Now, it holds one meal, for one person.  Crazy.

I love the P90X3 plan, because there isn't too much measuring involved.  It can if that's what you choose, but I know that exact measurements are not always reality.  So, Tony Horton encourages us to use a measuring tool that's always with us...our hand.

Now, I realize that everyone's hands are different sizes...but, I'm a little smaller, so, do I really need as much food as someone who has Shaq size hands?  Probably not.  So, if you use a little logic, this method WORKS.  I'm only on my second day, but I can tell you that I haven't been hungry, ONCE!  Now, I've had cravings, but that's different from hunger...and that's another post for later ;)

In the meantime, try this method, it WORKS!


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