Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 3: Commonly Asked Questions for P90X3

These are the most common questions that I have received with P90X3, and I figured if I am getting asked, then more people than just those who know me are curious. ;)

1. Do you need to have done P90X and P90X2 to complete P90X3?

No.  P90X3 is it's own entity, and not a graduate program.  You do not have to be an athlete to complete P90X3, (like P90X2 suggests), you just have to love 30 minute workouts, and of course, Tony.

2. Do I need to follow the nutrition plan?

Um, yeah!  Working out and not using a nutrition plan is like taking a bath, then rolling in the mud.  I mean, you've worked out, but you're not FUELING it the right way if you eat a whole pizza when you're done.  And this particular nutrition plan is NOT rocket science.  You have some very simple addition to do at the beginning to sort out your calorie intake, and then you are on your way.  And, this nutrition plan is DOABLE.  My specific one allows me to have a carb or two every time I eat, and that makes it MUCH easier for me not to cheat.  You can have pasta and bread on this plan...I think if you did it right, you could even have little mini pizzas!  (Don't worry, I'm working on this idea!)  But, it's all about the portion size.

3. What is the difference between P90X3 and T25?

There is a LOT that's different between these two programs besides just the trainers that are leading them.  I think the biggest difference is that T25 is cardio based, and uses very little weights/resistance bands.  You do use them, but not often.  Also, T25 is 50 days, while P90X3 is 90 days.  T25 doesn't have as many workouts, and has two cycles of working out, with the option of purchasing an additional cycle called the Gamma Phase.  The nutrition plan is slightly different as well.  Basically, the only thing that is the same, is the amount of time, give or take 5 minutes.  It just depends on the style that you prefer.

4. What do I need to start P90X3?

You'll need a few additional items if you want to do P90X3 to a 't'.

-You'll need weights ranging from about 5-50 lbs. (depending on what your range is, you may not need them to go that high), or, you'll need resistance bands.  Either way, you will for sure get an intense workout.

-A yoga mat, for the yoga workout, and if you need some extra cushion for other workouts.

-You'll need a pull up bar, either the kind that you put in your doorway, or, your resistance bands can serve as a form of a pull up bar by using a door hinge...either way, you'll need to do some pull ups...because Tony loves those things!

-A good pair of shoes...and NOT running shoes.  I made this mistake with a previous workout program, I was just using some old running shoes, and my feet really paid the price.  Since then, I use performance shoes...mine are Nike Free shoes, but there are plenty to choose from!

-You can download the P90X3 workout sheets from the beachbody website.  These are great, because you keep track of how many reps you did, and the weight or resistance band you used.  I love stuff like this, because you can measure progress.  There is also a P90X3 app that will do the same thing...but, I'm old school, so paper and pencil for me ;)

5. Do I need supplements to complete P90X3?

-The short answer is, it's up to you.  HOWEVER....I choose to drink Shakeology EVERYDAY as a meal replacement, and it will only add to your, why not, right?  Shakeology has 70 superfoods in it, curbs major sweet tooth cravings (ahem, that would be me!), and completely satisfies you until the next meal.

-There is a performance enhancing formula called Energy and Endurance, and it's the real deal.  I have used other performance enhancing drinks before, and I literally turn into the hulk.  I mean, it feels kind of good, but things like that REALLY effect me, I found it difficult to sleep, and just to be able to relax long after the workout was over.  Energy and Endurance is SAFE, haha, which shouldn't really be a selling point, because shouldn't it all be?  But, they are tested ingredients, one of them being green tea.  So, it's much more natural.  It gives me the energy I need to get through my workout and I don't have to turn into the hulk...all good things in my book.

-There is a Results and Recovery formula for P90X that I JUST ordered, but I can't speak about it yet because I haven't tried it.  But, this blog gives me a good reason to test all of these amazing little things out so I can tell you what I think.  So, there will be more on that too!

Those are the basics, HOWEVER, if you have question, post it below in the comments, and I will answer it!  This blog is for me to be accountable...but it's very much for you, so you can see what this crazy journey is like, and (I hope) so it inspires you to get healthy, be fit, and see all that those two simple things can do for you!


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