Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 4: Push harder, feel better.

So, you all might be wondering why on earth this crazy girl is posting everyday, filling up your news feed with recipes and workout pictures.  Well, here it is, and get ready, because I'm laying it all on the table.

-I want to help YOU see that you can do it.  Hands down, that's the #1 reason.  I'm not doing it to show off, if I wanted to do that, I'd show you my mad video gaming skills (ha, but seriously, I love video games!).  Anybody can do what I'm doing, you have to have the WILL to do it.  Find that thing that motivates you, send me a message, and seriously, let's DO IT!  If I can, you can.  I don't particularly enjoy working out, and this is someone who frequented Taco Bell on a daily basis.  So, you can do this ;)

-This helps me.  My husband is gone.  He's deployed.  And let me tell you, it's tough.  I don't always know if he's safe, or where he is.  If you have someone in your life that you just love beyond belief, you know that knowing those two things are just a basic necessity.  Well, I don't have them.  And the last time my husband and I were separated (for nearly a year), I fell APART.  I didn't tell anyone, I just kept isolating with each passing day.  I cried myself to sleep, I couldn't get out of bed, I ate non-stop, it was awful.  Now, he's not gone a year, but it's a while...the longest yet since that time, and prior to him leaving, I promised MYSELF and him, that crying myself to sleep wasn't an option.  Sure, bad days will come, but I won't wallow.  I can't.  So, P90X3 it is.  This program PUSHES me.  Writing in this blog pushes me.  I have people to be accountable to, I have people I want to help.  And I can't do that if I'm laying in bed all day.  So, for me, it's a 'suck it up, buttercup' kinda attitude most of the time, but it's because that's the attitude I need to get through.

-This is FUN.   I love sharing, I love coming up with recipes, I love seeing my results physically and mentally...if you haven't ever poured yourself into a workout, just try it.  Find the style that works for you, and get after it!  It is challenging, but wow, I'm really truly loving it.

So, that's it!  Are you ready?  Do you need a change?  Are you going through a hard time?  Here's what I'm finding, find a positive focus, and that hard time, won't be so hard.  It sounds weird to FIND a challenge when you're going through one, but this is one that will help you GROW, and it will help you see the challenge that you have no control over a little more tolerable.  I can't explain why, but that's how it works.  Seriously, let me help you, I know how hard times can be...and it's always better when you've got someone who is holding out their hand ready to pull you up.  But you've got to reach out and push too...after all, I can't do a pull-up'll need to help me, help you ;)


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