Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 5: Water. You need it!

It's day 5, and I'll totally admit I struggle with water....with drinking it.  I like water, I just forget that I need as much as I do.  I've been measuring it, and I am way below what I need.  So, now, it's pretty much the only thing I drink....and I STILL struggle with it.  I think about having a drink at meals, but then it leaves my mind after that, so, remembering to have a glass by me is something I'm working on.

I love what Tony says in the P90X3 nutrition guide, 'if you're not a fan of water, you need to grow up'.  And, I tend to agree with him.  Your body is 70%, it's kinda important that you put more of it in your body.  Did you know that you can survive LONGER if you're on a deserted island if you have water as opposed to food?  It's true.  I mean, there's a lot that goes into it, like the climate, your will to live, and things like that.  But if you are well hydrated, you've got a better chance than if you're well fed.  So.  It's important.

And if you're exercising that just increases the importance because you're expending energy, and you've GOT to refuel!  Not sure how much you need?  We've always heard '8 glasses a day', which is almost true...but there is a formula if you're curious what YOUR specific need is:

your body weight/2=how many ounces of water you need

And that is the MINIMUM, without taking in the fact that you're working out, or anything like that.  But's a lot, but you've GOT to do it, and I guarantee you'll feel better.  It does simply amazing things for us.  Like helps our kidneys function, hydrates our skin, hydrates our muscles, it can even wake you up in the morning better than a cup of coffee can....yep, you read that correctly.  Drink one glass when you wake up, then during breakfast drink another glass, and you will be REFRESHED better than anyone who has had a whole pot of coffee.  The reason being, it rejuvenates our cells, it literally wakes your WHOLE BODY up, and gets it running the way it needs to for the day.

Kind of cool, right?

So, drink up!  Especially if you're working out!  And comment below if you have questions, or if you want to know how I learn all these random facts.  ;)

I will be back on Monday, and you can anticipate me posting throughout the week, and taking the weekend to refresh, and come back with more Tonyisms, inspiration, and my own progress!

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  1. I get bored drinking so much water too, but I don't want to add calories just to get some flavor! I keep a jug of decaf, unsweetened flavored green tea (I like Steeped Tea brand, but also like Salada too) in the fridge and drink that when I just can't handle drinking another boring glass of water. No calories, plenty of water, plus the benefits of green tea! If I'm out of tea, then I ad a thin slice of lemon to a glass of water...amazing how much of a difference that makes for me :)


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