Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 8: Don't give up when you mess up

Today was my second time completing Agility X.  Any workout that requires me to use coordination...well...let's just say there's a reason I chose cross country over cheerleading in high school.  And this workout requires you to have some coordination, listen closely to Tony's instruction and have a bit of balance.  The first time I did this workout I thought 'well that wasn't so hard'.  You want to know why?  Because I really didn't know the moves, nor was I doing them correctly.  This week however, I still don't have the moves down quite right, but whew, I'm learning, and from what I do know, they are BRUTAL.  And this week, I noticed that I was really struggling with my mindset because I was truly getting what he was saying, and realizing that I wasn't doing the moves quite the way I ought to.  If we had to balance, I stumbled, or I had to put my hand or other foot on the ground.  It frustrated me.

But then I thought, 'this is my only my second week!'  I shouldn't expect to be perfect, and I shouldn't expect to be able to do the hardest version of each move (something that I strive for!), for now, I'm still pushing myself, but there is a learning curve.

It reminded me of that phrase I hear more and more about 'failing forward'.  Failure is ESSENTIAL to success.  Did you know that?  I sure didn't.  I am a perfectionist in most things...except organizing my cupboards...because honestly...who cares as long as it fits?  Anyhow, in most other things I want to do it right, and more than that, I want to be THE BEST.  And when I'm not there, I get frustrated, and I just think 'well, I'm no good at it, it must not be for me.'  I give up.

Here's the thing about that.  We shouldn't give up.  Ever.  We should welcome the opportunity to fail.  Why?  Because it teaches us.  And we do eventually get better if we keep at it.  Agility X was tough today, but I could tell I did better...and next week, I'd be willing to bet I'll find a few moves I'm getting more skilled at.  No matter what it is, a 30 minute workout, a book you've been working on for years, that degree you want to finish, whatever it is, don't give up on it.  If it is something that does you GOOD, then keep at it!


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