Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't Be Afraid to Push 'Pause'

So, I know that when you're doing a workout for 30 minutes (or 25 if you're doing T25), the instructors can really blast through those moves.  And I KNOW you just want it to be for 30 minutes.  But here's the thing.  For that first week...give yourself about 40 minutes (if you're a perfectionist like me).  And here's why:

You need to push 'pause'!

Tony does a GREAT job of being efficient in  how he tells you to do the various movies in these workouts, but hey, he's only got 30 minutes, so he doesn't have the luxury of the hour long workouts from P90X to give you a few practice moves in, each moves is only about a minute long, so you've got to be pretty snappy.  However, that first week it's hard to be snappy, because you are learning.  Do not be afraid to give yourself about 10 extra minutes so you can push pause, or rewind, to make sure you have it down.  The instructions that he gives are too good to just try and bumble through it...and hey, I'll be honest, even with the pause button, there's still some bumbling going on over in this house.  But getting the move RIGHT is more important to me than just pushing through it and doing it incorrectly.  You want to be sure you're honing in on the right muscle groups, you're giving it the right amount of effort....all that stuff.  And you won't be able to do that if you just rush through it.

I am nearing the end of Block One in P90X3, and I am so thankful that the first week I took time, and pushed 'pause'.  You STILL get a good workout when you do this (so um, don't push pause for like, 10 minutes and sit on the couch!), and you will do the move correctly, and each week, you'll only improve.  In the words of Tony, 'do your best and forget the rest!'


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