Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting Through Girl Scout Cookie Season Without Going Insane

The other day I was at Panera, and right outside of their front door were the sweetest little girl scouts, selling those sweet little cookies.  The Thin Mints are my kryptonite, I'm not gonna lie.  After being in the freezer for about an hour....I may or may not be known for eating an entire box in an hour.  So, the idea of 'oh I'll just eat one', when they enter my house, is kinda like telling myself 'oh I'll finally do all those diy projects on my pinterest board.'  Yeah.  It ain't happening.  So, I need to avoid them's the brutal truth.  No matter how sweet those little girls are!

But.  I'm also a human.  I'm also a female.  Who also loves chocolate.  And mint.  My solution?  Shakeology.  I knew it had helped me with my insane chocolate craving before, and I didn't doubt that it could help me out now.  I know that Vegan Chocolate can often get a bad rep for not being as smooth or sweet as the regular chocolate flavor, but I'll be honest, I love it!  So, I knew I could tinker around and find a solid recipe.  The first one I made had WAY too much mint (my breath WAS very fresh after I had it though, bonus!), the second one I made was a little too thick, but the third one I made was PERFECT!  Here it is, I hope it helps you get through your shamrock shake and thin mint cravings are completely satisfied, I have no guilt, and I am not bloated from the dairy and processed madness of shakes and cookies...all good things :)


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