Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Healthy meals don't HAVE to taste like grass

Thank goodness with things like Pinterest at our fingertips there is atleast some knowledge out there that a meal can taste GOOD and be good FOR YOU.  It can be a hard concept for people to grasp, but trust me, if I'm eating healthy, it means that whatever I'm making is tasting good.  I could not survive on a diet of rice cakes, or shots of wheat grass.  I'm not saying those things are BAD, but I personally don't think they taste good, so, while it might be kind of interesting to experiment on that sort of thing, I would begin to think about where I can find the nearest pizza joint.

My great revelation that healthy food can taste good all started when my sister gave me a cookbook called 'Vegan Cooking For Carnivores', and it is an amazing cookbook.  Every recipe I've had has been nothing short of spectacular, and, for the most part, all of the recipes are made with nothing but whole foods.  Amazing, right?

Here's what I'm finding: You can add oil and fat to just about anything and it WILL taste amazing.  But, on the healthy side of that, you can take your pick of literally THOUSANDS of various spices to make your food taste good, and still be whole/clean/vegan/vegetarian/paleo, whatever your meal plan of choice is.  And, these spices not only make your food taste good, but they have so many benefits!  However, that is another post ;)

For now, here is a P90X3 approved recipe that I came up with!  I LOVE spicy, however, you can choose what level of spice you would like!

Vegan Taco Salad: (P90X3, Plan B Dinner)

*6 oz. of LightLife Smart Ground Veggie Crumbles 
(there is a Mexican version, however, the original is a little easier to find in a local grocery store)
*1 small onion
*1 yellow pepper
*1 green pepper
*1 tomato

*1/4 of an avocado
*1 corn tortilla, crushed (Garden of Eatin' yellow corn taco shells)
*Tabasco sauce, as much as you want
*Lettuce (not iceberg), as much as you want

Add the onion first (onions produce their own 'oil' as they cook, so no oil is needed for this recipe!), cook for about 5 minutes until tender, then add the pepper, and cook for an additional 5 minutes or until tender.  Add the veggie crumbles, then save the tomato for last.  Once the crumbles are heated through and the tomato appears tender, place in a bowl, and add the lettuce, tortilla, tabasco sauce, and avocado.  

You have your carbs in this meal (the tortilla and veggies), your protein (the veggie crumbles), and your fat (the avocado).  And, you can add whatever veggies you would like, I just chose the ones that seemed most tasty to me in this recipe.  I was totally satisfied, full, and this meal tasted SO good!


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