Monday, March 31, 2014

P90X3 30 Day Progress Results

Drum roll are my 30 day progress pictures!  

Now, I have to say.  I was NERVOUS about this because I was on a CRUISE last week.  A cruise.  You know.  Those big boats that people go on and always GAIN weight because it's an all you can eat extravaganza?  Yeah.  That's where I was.  But I was DETERMINED to not lose my progress!  Did I have dessert.  Well, yeah, because when something called 'chocolate sensation' is on the dessert menu every night how can you not?!  But, what I did do, is complete my workouts.  EVERYDAY.  With the exception of one when I really wasn't feeling too great what with being on a boat and all.  Oh, you think I didn't?  Well my friend, here is the proof....

I'm not saying it was was easy, and I'm not saying that I really wanted to do it.  But you know what I wanted to say to all of you when I got back?  You can do this.  You can stay committed to that promise you made to yourself.  Because if I can, you can.  It's not fun staying consistent.  There were no cheerleaders in my room telling me how awesome I was as I was sweating it out in front of my laptop.  But those 30 day pictures are well worth it in my opinion.

Do you want this for yourself?  Are you tired of your excuses?  Are you just TIRED?  I was.  I was tired of feeling awful, tired of having to move up a size in my clothes when I would go shopping.  I was tired of going through drive-thrus, thinking that all I NEEDED was a Pepsi and a few tacos and I'd feel better....only to always regret it and feel worse.  I was in a bad spiral, and I needed help.  I'm so glad to say that now, in helping myself (and other people's support!), I can now help others, and I REALLY want to help you!  My challenge groups are simple, I promise, you'll have time for them, they are FUN, and you will meet some pretty amazing people.  That was my missing link in all of it.  I needed support from REAL people.  I want to help you, but you've got to take that first step and ask.  Let's do this together, so you can have 30 day pics that you are proud of!

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