Sunday, March 23, 2014

Workout Schedule for P90X3

As I finish out my final week in Block One of P90X3, I am so excited that I have TWO blocks left.  If you like variety the way I do, P90X3 is THE best workout for you!  It has a little bit of everything.  Seriously...everything.  There are 16 workouts as you make your way through the program, and not only that, there are various schedules for you to follow.  The purpose of this particular post is to help you see the potential of this program, so, while it may be a little dry, it will be informative.  Tomorrow, I'll have a fun one ;)

So, here are the workouts available to you in the P90X3 schedule:

-Total Synergistics     -CVX                        -Dynamix
-Agility X                  -Eccentric Upper        -Accelerator
-X3 Yoga                 -Eccentric Lower        -Pilates X
-The Challenge          -Triometrics                -Isometrix
-The Warrior             -MMX                       -Decelerator
-Complex Upper

Pretty awesome, right?!  I LOVE variety, and I have to say, Block One has been awesome, each day you are focusing on something very different.  One day it's your arms and shoulders, another day it's core, and then yet another day is cardio....but in all, you essentially work a little but on EACH part of your body everyday with an emphasis on one.  So, you are still getting an all over workout in 30 minutes, and the results (so far) for me, have been more impressive than anything I've done before.

Also, there are variations of how you can do the program.  And here they are:

Classic: It's what it sounds like.  This is the way the program is meant to be gone through, and is the most common and preferable way to go through it if you haven't done it before.

Doubles: This is ONLY if you have gone through the program once before.  And you are doing two workouts a day.

Mass: You are focusing on muscle mass with this schedule.  You are doing more of the isolated muscle workouts, such as, Eccentric Upper, Eccentric Lower...that sort of thing.

Lean: This is if you want more of a cardio based workout, but don't let the name fool you, you're still doing the workouts six days a week, and you are still going to see (and feel!) results.

So, that's the run down!  I hope it helps!  Oh, and here is a fun little video of me in the midst of 'The Challenge' workout....enjoy ;)

The Challenge workout! NO excuses!


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