Friday, April 18, 2014

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shakeology!

If there is one thing that I love it's finding something, and sticking to it....and NEVER changing.  Now, this is good when it comes to things like morals and values.  However, when it comes to my recipes, or what I order at a restaurant it's just a terrible habit I fall into.  When I first started drinking Shakeology, I LOVED the vegan chocolate flavor...and so, I have continued to love it.  The problem?  I am in a serious RUT!  So, I'm trying to branch out with my recipes, and I decided to give this one a try.  The result?  So amazingly good, and yet, very, very simple!  Try it out the next time you are blending yours up!  And if you DON'T know about Shakeology and it's 70 super foods and it's amazing goodness, well, comment below, and I'd love to talk with you about it!


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