Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Epic Fails: Laugh, Learn and MOVE On!

So....something funny happened today....

I was in the middle of Agility X...doing a move that involved long jumps....I thought:

'this will be a GREAT picture...and I'm going to put a really cool motivational quote, that will be AWESOME.'

So, I did my usual 'set up'. Which involved a t.v. stand, a few books, and the timer on my camera phone.

I jumped.

I landed.
I slipped.

I crashed.

Honestly, it would have been a great video. But this weird picture of the underside of my t.v. stand is what I've got.

Then, I got mad. And 'cool motivational quote', wasn't exactly my first thought.

I tried to take a few more pictures, but honestly, the moment had passed. Then, I laughed, and thought, 'this is nuts.'

I know it's a very small example. But aren't those the times that we just want to go berserk? I know they are for me. The whole 'one last straw' mentality happens. Because as I sat on the floor, feeling dumb, I thought 'you know, if Jordan was here he could just take this picture for me.' Which led to 'I miss him', which then led to 'I REALLY miss him'. Maybe you don't have a husband who is perpetually gone, but you know when that 'one last straw' happens, and it makes you think about the thing that REALLY is what's on your mind.

I could have let it ruin my day. I could have allowed it to not let me finish the workout. But I said a small prayer, laughed a little, and thought about how Jordan would have laughed too (and well, probably everyone, because in my opinion, people falling is always funny...as long as they are okay...I mean, that's why America's Funniest Home Videos is STILL on!)

Whatever your 'one last straw' is, I hope you can look at the big picture, laugh, maybe shake your head a little, and think 'it'll still be a good day' 


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