Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Be a Grown Up About It.

I know.  I understand.  You think you know best.  You think that you'll 'beat the system', and find your own way to get that six pack you've been thinking about, or fit into a smaller pant size.  I get it.  I thought so too.

Here's the thing though.  I needed to just be a grown up.

When I was young, I was actually made fun of because I was so skinny.  I could eat what I wanted, I could sit around and watch t.v. all day, and I was still a size 2.  Go ahead and punch me through your computer if you need to, I get it.  Now, before you think I'm going to be like 'well I was so unhappy though!', I'll be the first to tell you, I kinda prided myself on this.  I was like 'oh awesome, I don't have to try as hard.'  In reality however, I wish that things had been a little bit difficult for me, because in the process of mowing down pizza, soda, and gummy bears I picked up some pretty nasty habits.

So, here I am, 30 years old, and I am just NOW realizing I need to be a grown up with my nutrition.  I can't eat whatever I want anymore, I've tried that, and it ended up in gaining a whole lotta weight, and whole lotta bad feelings in general.  But even after that, I would go through workouts, and still think I could eat whatever I wanted...or I would be 'good' throughout the week, and go absolutely crazy on the weekends, and lose everything that I had worked for....because yeah, it was that bad.  I told myself I was living the 80/20 rule...but really, it was more like 60/40.

I'm still learning, and I still have a cheat MEAL every now and then as opposed to a cheat DAY.  It's not a fun process, but here's what I'm finding....I'm thankful for the discipline, and I'm also thankful for how I feel in general.  No more bloating, horrible digestion, and losing my results.  

So, my advice?  Be a grown up.  Don't think you can cheat or trick your body into getting magical results by working hard and then eating junk.  It just doesn't work.  You can do this.  Goodness knows, if I can, you can.  Need help?  I'm not perfect, but I am real about it, and I'll help you with the things that I have been learning along way.  I know the struggles, but I also know the excuses, so I can give you some tough love if you need it.  Let's do this together, more accountability creates better results!  So don't try and do this by yourself, I certainly don't!  Let's get it done!

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