Monday, June 2, 2014

P90X3 FINAL Results!

Here it is! After 90 days of P90X3! The official results are IN!

Something I want to chat about....notice how much weight I DIDN'T lose? Notice how much my body changed? Yep, that's because muscle replaced the fat. I know that (especiallyas a woman), we can put a lot of emphasis on the scale. While it IS a way to measure some progress, it does NOT tell the whole story. My body fat percentage sure does....and so do my inches.

In then end, you have got to decide what is my breaking point? What do I NEED?! I needed something that would take me THROUGH a deployment. I know that's not everyone's scenario. But you've got SOMETHING. You've got a just have to tap into it, and let it DRIVE you! That's when the magic happens....that's when 'the line' means the most.

I know that before and after pictures are always drastic....but you know what the most important part is....that line between the pictures! That line represents sweat, will power, guts, determination, even some tears! That line means a LOT. I did not get this way in 90 days by doing nothing. I worked. And I am here to say that you can work too!

Seriously, get AFTER it! Don't let ANYTHING stop you!

Do you want some help? I don't post these pictures for my benefit, I post them for YOURS, because I want you to know that you can do it, and I am definitely here to help you through it!


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