Monday, June 9, 2014

Top Five Ways to Complete a Workout Program

Having just finished P90X3, I wanted to touch on a few reasons that I was able to not only finish the program, but have a successful finish.  Because trust me, I've finished programs, but wasn't all that satisfied with the outcome.  These five reasons were what made all the difference for me, and although yours might vary slightly, the base of how I found them, can be something that I believe can be used by anyone.

1. Choose a program and trainer that YOU connect with:  I already knew that I would love P90X3.  Why?  Because I really liked everything about P90X, except the length of time.  I looked at what it had to offer, and noticed that it was set up very similar to P90X.  I also adore Tony Horton.  I love that he's little goofy, but can get intense when the moment calls for it.  That's a perfect style for me.  You may find that you connect better with Chalene Johnson, and you might prefer workouts that are more cardio just depends.  But no matter your preference, find that, because you want something that you are willing to do even on the days when you don't feel like working out (because trust me, you'll have days like that!), so find something that you like!

2. Make a SOLID plan for your meals: If you want results, you NEED to have a meal plan.  There's that saying that 'you can out exercise a bad diet', and I believe that whole heartedly.  Thankfully, I loved the P90X3 meal plan.  It's very flexible and versatile in the types of foods I could have.  Then, I planned out my meals.  I didn't do anything fancy, but at the beginning of each week, I would write out what my meals would be, and then I would buy my groceries accordingly.  Without a plan it can be very easy to steer off course, but when you have that plan on your fridge, or wherever you choose to keep it, it's hard to stare it in the face and then decide you're going to do something else.

3. Have Accountability:  Most of us need someone to be checking in on us.  After all, this is a huge change that you're making, and often times, it's best not to do it alone.  I was leading challenge groups online as I went through this program, and it was incredibly helpful for me.  Having a group was the key!  I can't tell you how many times I've had workout buddies and we both just kinda decided that we'd grab a coffee instead of heading to the gym.  But in a group, there's enough people that someone in there is BOUND to be motivated when you're not and vice versa.

4. Be Consistent:  If you decide to workout out in the morning everyday during the program, then do that.  If you decide to have a list of the workouts visible so you can check them off, do that.  Whatever the behaviors are that are going to help you see it through, stay consistent with those.  I'm not saying that if you have a bad day then it's all over, but the more consistent you are, the easier it will be to push through on the days that you are really struggling to get through it.

5. Have a Strong Connection to Your Goal:  This may sound silly.  But hear me out.  My goal of finishing P90X3 wasn't just 'I want to lose weight'.  I challenged myself to go deeper than that.  Start asking yourself things like 'why do I want to lose weight?' 'why does that matter so much to me?', and when you start asking THOSE questions, then you will get to the root of it, and your goal just became that much stronger.  When I asked myself those questions, I connected with the idea that my husband was deployed, and I wanted to him to know that I was healthy and happy and working towards a goal while he was gone.  That was so important to me.  And as SOON as a connected with that, I was able to accomplish so much more.  I challenge you to write out this 'why', think about it when you first wake up in the morning, think about it when you go to bed.  The more you concentrate on this, the more you will see yourself succeeding....and then you will succeed!

The day that I saw my husband was priceless to me.  Because I knew on that day that I was proud of what I'd accomplished, and he was proud of me too.  I know that not everyone reading this has a husband who is deployed, but challenge yourself to find your reason, then hang onto it tightly, and make it the fuel that feeds the fire during each workout.  You'll not only succeed when you do this, but I believe that you will excel!


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