Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Holy Supplements! The Body Beast Supplements Explained by a Non-Body Builder ;)

When I decided to start Body Beast, I'll be honest, I eyed that list of supplements with a critical attitude.  I do not like taking pills, and I've always been fearful of steroid-type stuff.  But then, after looking around, checking things out....and figuring out that I really didn't know what I was afraid of, and was just uninformed, not only am I taking these supplements, I'm excited to see how it all turns out for me.

So.  From one non-body builder to's my opinion and summary of each Body Beast supplement!

Hard Core Base Shake:  This shake is designed to give you a LOT of protein in a small serving.  It's no secret that protein is needed to build muscles, and when you are trying to GAIN muscle, well, you just need more protein.  So.  Hard Core Base Shake has 18 grams of whey protein which your body absorbs quickly, so it's perfect to have it right after your workout.  This shake also has dextrose, a simple carb, that drives the protein to your muscles quickly.  Then it also has maltodextrin which is a complex carb, and it helps to keep your blood sugar steady while the dextrose is doing its job sending the protein to your muscles.  It helps keep everything balanced as your body goes through this process.  BeachBody recommends 1 scoop per day on workout days, but you can have more if you'd like.

Fuel Shot: This works in conjunction with the Base Shake, because while the Base Shake gives you a large protein number, Fuel Shot restores your carbs.  It is PERFECT to use this after your workout because your body needs carbs to recover, so I combine it with my base shake after a workout.   Fuel Shot also contains electrolytes (think in terms of sports energy drinks minus all the added sweeteners and colors), which is also a recovery tool.

Creatine:  Bump, bump, BUM!  THIS is what I was crazy scared about!  I had it in my head that Creatine was LIKE steroids.  Spoiler alert: It's not.  Your body actually MAKES creatine through the liver, kidney, and pancreas.  So, when you work out, your body makes creatine, or, phosphocreatine to be exact.  It sends this to your muscles, giving them the strength they need to workout.  This process is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  So when someone is taking creatine, it basically is just giving your body a little help making it naturally when you are working HARD.  When you are weight lifting or doing some kind of intense workout, your body can actually run out, and it makes it harder to perform.  You're basically giving your muscles a boost to help them with these intense workouts.  Creatine also helps you recover faster (not as sore), and recharges your body more quickly.  Right now, I'm currently using two scoops per the recommendation from BeachBody.

Super Suma: Suma Root is also known as Brazilian ginseng, has been used for generations in the Amazon region to help with strength, endurance, and just as a general cure-all.  It is designed in helping with muscle building and endurance without the negative effects of steroids.  I was a little concerned about this, because I wanted to be sure that it was safe for women, and as I scanned and searched, the answer was unanimous.  It's safe for women.  So, while I drink my shake, I swallow two of these a day.

I will keep you all updated on my results....I am currently on day 3 of using them, so, to say that I feel any different would be a little silly.  But you can be sure that I will give my honest opinion, as I know there are skeptics out there (like I was!), and I want to always practice what I preach.  But from what I can tell, these are tools for me to use, so I can be the best I want to be physically, and if that's what you are looking for as well, keep checking out this blog, and I'll let you know my thoughts!


  1. Honestly If I say then Green supplements played an important role in making my body. Earlier I was really fatty and a person who can’t do workout for even an hour. After using supplements, my stamina improved a lot.

  2. Hey Eli! I'm not sure what you mean by green supplements, but, I do agree, what we put into our body helps us either be better or be worse, and I'm so glad you found something that's helping you be better in your workouts. Best of luck to you!


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