Monday, July 14, 2014

You're a GIRL. Why are you doing Body Beast?

To start off my 'Beast' journey, I'd like to explain why I chose this program, and by the end of it, I hope to show women that not only CAN they do it, but that weight lifting is something that we should NOT be afraid of.

Prior to Body Beast, I had finished up P90X3.  Now...I LOVED this workout!  I definitely think that we in the BeachBody community call my 'soulmate workout'.  I loved every. single. aspect.  I was pretty nervous as it was drawing to a close because I just didn't know if I would find anything else that I wanted to do.

My results were my best yet from any program.  I got everything I wanted, plus some great bonuses.  NOT only did I lose my gut that is always the last to go, but I GAINED quite a bit of muscle, hence, my low weight loss.  That muscle gain is what got me thinking about Body Beast.

I don't know why, but I have always been attracted to the more intense programs that BeachBody has to offer, so Body Beast was already on my list of ones I wanted to do.  But after P90X3 and seeing that muscle gain, it made me want to bump it up on the roster.  I KNEW that I could do this program, still look like a woman, and then, show OTHER women how they can do the same thing.

Many women are fearful that if they even pick UP a weight, they will look like this:

Well....that's just kind of silly.  First of all, he's a guy.  Weightlifting does not cause go-tees ;)  Second, this guy was INTENTIONAL about doing this.  He was lifting CRAZY heavy weights AND taking steroids (whomp, whomp!).  So.  Let me say this again.  This. Will. Not. Happen.  Just like any other form of exercise, YOU decide the intensity, because, well, it's your body.  Lifting 5-20 lb. weights will help you gain muscle, but you won't be this guy.  Like. Ever.

So, scary bicep guy aside.  Here I am, at Day one.  These were my results from P90X3, and the last picture was taken a little over a month ago: 

I'll be totally that time, my husband came home from deployment, and I have definitely had my fair share of pizza.  These results are still there....I didn't gain my weight back, but I did lose some of my toning.  So, I have work to do, on top of my goal of building muscle, but I am ready to do it, and I'm excited for it!  


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