Monday, August 11, 2014

Body Beast Re-Do: Day One

I write this with a little nervousness, because shoot. I just hate when I'm wrong.

But you know, I'm human. And as far as I know, everyone reading this is too 

Ever needed a re-do? I did. I needed it two weeks ago....then I needed it this past week....then today I said 'enough is enough.'

I underestimated Body Beast and the time I truly had to devote to it. So. I started about 4 weeks ago.

Then I stopped. Then I started. Then I stopped.

Anyone hear me on this?

Let me tell you from experience. To start and stop is SO MUCH HARDER, than just starting and NOT stopping. But, that's precisely what happened to me. I almost just went to another program because it really got me down that I wasn't following through with my commitment. But you know....underneath my sweet smile is a girl who is stubborn as nails 

I've decided I finish what I start. So welcome to my Day One of Body Beast.

You CAN do hard things. You CAN finish. Swallow your pride. Start again. Don't give up.

That's my mantra today. And I hope that it's yours too.


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