Monday, August 25, 2014

How Much Equipment Do I NEED?!: The Body Beast Limited Equipment List

Body Beast: It can seem a little daunting right?

I's called BODY BEAST.
Sagi has more muscles in his pinky than I do in my whole body.
Supplements?!  It's like they want me to be SERIOUS or something.

The EQUIPMENT list.  Holy. Moly.

Not to worry...I've got your back :)

The equipment can be so much less scary than Sagi's pinky...or his biceps.  And that's what I'm here to put your mind at ease about.

Because not only do I have limited equipment, but we have limited SPACE.  But I just loved the idea of doing Body Beast, it had been on my list for a while!

So.  Unlike what you may have heard, you do NOT need an entire gym to do Body Beast.  And, what's really nice, is that there is always someone in the workouts that demonstrates how to do each move with limited equipment.  So no risk of doing something crazy, like standing on a stability ball while trying to do a bicep curl.  Not cool.

Here is the limited equipment list, and, this is what I use too:

-Stability Ball (instead of a bench)
-Dumb Bells (instead of an EZ curl bar)
-Resistance Bands and/or Chin-up bar (I do have a bar, but my pull-ups are pretty sad, so I stick with bands)

That's IT.  Now, you can go all out, and get the other equipment...but, if you're like me, and buy a bench and realize you would have to use it as a coffee table...then stick with this list.

Now stop procrastinating and go 'Beast Up!'


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