Thursday, September 11, 2014

Clean Eating Tip: Add Onions NOT Oil to your Skillet Dishes

People can switch over to a healthier lifestyle in a number of ways, but I have found that gradual changes are better for myself, and I am much less likely to go off track.

So I wanted to share this tip that I picked up a number of months ago.  It has greatly reduced my oil/fat intake, and has helped to make my meals clean and more 'whole'.

Did you know that onions release a juice when they are heated up? If you are using onions  as part of any dish you do not need to use oil.  I was skeptical about this, but honestly, once I started, I couldn't stop!

Much how the majority of pan made meals begin, after heating up the skillet, just add the onions first, and you will start to notice that as they got softer, you will see their juice released.  Once you see that happening, then continue to add your other veggies, and/or meat.  

Super Simple.  And hey, you just saved a few bucks on that extra oil too ;)


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