Thursday, September 4, 2014

Coffee and Coach Chat, Monday, Sept. 15th

My husband loves to watch documentaries....the other night we watched one called 'Generation Iron'. It's about bodybuilding...and it really got me thinking...

There are a lot of people in this world who are successful, but no one can stand them.

-they are arrogant
-lack integrity

We see these people in the news a lot. They will do anything to be at the top and remain there. They tear others' down so they can feel better. You can't deny the hard work they have put in, the talent that they have, and I'm sure, the sacrifices they have made.

I wonder though....

Can you have a 'winning' attitude and be an inspiration to others?
Can you be more than a winner....can you be a leader?

In my mind....winning is short lived...because winning is all about YOU. When you become a leader, when you pour into people's lives....that's when you inspire others to build their help them believe in the talents and gifts that they have and build upon them.

Sure....winning gets you the trophy, the accolades...but the only way to leave a LEGACY is to help others do the same.

I never, EVER thought I would be a network marketing professional. But you know what I've found? It allows me to do JUST that.

-help others see their potential and actually achieve it
-allow people to see that they can live a healthy and fit LIFE...not just a diet
-empower people to achieve freedom from debt

It truly is an amazing opportunity...and not one that I take lightly. This team of mine is growing, and I'm so, so proud of them! We have teachers, nurses, students, and counselors that are JUST LIKE you and me. And they are achieving their goals.

Do you want to know what coaching is all about? Come to my Coffee and Coach Chat on Sept. 15th! This will be a video chat where you ask the questions, and I answer them. And, yes, bring your coffee, light your pumpkin candle, and don't forget your questions too!


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