Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Introverted? Awkward? Shy? You're in Good Company.

All of these people are VERY different...but they have ONE thing in common. 

They each are introverted. 

When I was making this collage, the person who surprised me the most on the list was Christina Aguilera. She is quoted as saying that she is 'intense and introverted' and 'has often felt like an outsider her whole life.'

When I was little, I was nearly held back in kindergarten. Not because I was having issues with learning, but because I was so SHY. My teacher was worried because I just didn't talk very much, except to a few select kids. In other words, I was an introvert.

Introverts often feel like there's 'something wrong', because we live in a pretty LOUD world. If we want to make our mark, we had better sort out a way that we will stand out. And often times that's interpreted as 'being loud'.

But what if we could make our mark by simply sitting on a bus? That's what Rosa Parks did. She didn't have to say a word...and the words she did say were very few. And here she is, inspiring people to THIS DAY with that one simple, yet courageous act.

J.K. Rowling was a single mom on government assistance...but she had words like 'muggles', 'Hogwarts', and 'horcrux' rolling around in her mind, and she remained persistent until ONE publisher finally took a chance on her book, Harry Potter.

Introverts have wonderful gifts. We are usually pretty intense people that like to observe, and our ACTIONS typically speak louder than our words.

Do not consider your introversion a weakness....rather, count it as a strength...because that's precisely what it is.

For more information on the strength of the introversion personality, please read 'Quiet' by Susan Cain.


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