Friday, September 5, 2014

Q&A with Mompreneur Extraordinaire: Meghan Lynn

I love that BeachBody connects me to people who are awesome.  It's just the nature of being in a field that people are striving to improve, stay positive, and give to others.

One of those people, is a fellow coach, friend and success partner, Meghan Lynn.

Meghan and I know each other due to military ties...however, we didn't really get to know each other until we were BeachBody Coaches together.

She is a military spouse, a mom to three young kiddos (one of which is only 3 months old!), and she is also a Diamond BeachBody coach.  In between running her business and household, here were her always funny,  yet insightful words she was able to share with me.

Q: When did you become a BeachBody coach?
A: April 2013

Q: How have you handled the balance of owning your own business, being a mom of 3 small kids, and also being a military wife?
A: There is always an ebb and flow with parenting, military life AND owning your own business. Put those things together and I've got a lot to juggle! But, that's the beauty of it. I get to control it -- no one else. I established a schedule that worked with my priorities and matched my goals. I couldn't reach my goals on 10 minutes a day, so I wrote out a time to do focused work. I re-evaluate my schedule every month and adjust for things like my husband being home, activities with the kids and social events I wanted to attend. I schedule every hour, every activity. I started with general chunks of time, like "time with kids", "housework" and "Beachbody", but now that I've learned when I work best, I can be more specific. (Scheduling WHAT chores will be done, WHAT activities I'll be doing with Beachbody, etc). In the same way I enforce bedtime with my kids, I enforce it with myself! It felt strange to be doing this at first (especially when I literally scheduled time to sit down and relax with my husband) but seeing it on the schedule allowed me to completely unplug without guilt! You'll be surprised how much time you find in your day!

Q: What is your favorite way to make Shakeology and favorite BeachBody workout?
A: Ice. Almond milk. Chocolate Shakeology....then, shake, shake, shake! My favorite is when my son shakes it for me! It's our morning dance party! My favorite workout is Hip Hop Abs! It was my first and I'll probably always have a little love affair with it!

Q: How has being a BeachBody Coach benefited you?
A: Being a beachbody coach has benefited me in more ways than I can explain! On paper, it has allowed me to be able to pay my monthly student loan payment (a HUGE burden I felt since I previously wasn't contributing financially to the family!) and I've also been able to absorb our monthly credit card payments. It's nice to know I'm chipping away at our debt!! Physically, it has allowed me to form a positive body image and be aware of how I relay that to my daughter. My whole family eats healthier now, and I'm proud to say that my kids will not have the "bad habits" to break that I did!

Beachbody has been an emotional journey for me. I have learned a LOT about myself, and what it means to respect myself and my journey. I've learned to be intentional with my life and who I spend it with. I have constant reminders to be positive and that makes being a military wife and young Mom a bit easier, because it is easier to be resilient when you have tons of positivity flowing into your life on a regular basis. I've learned that what we see as "weakness" or "struggle" -- things we think make us UNLOVABLE is actually what makes us the most LOVABLE! Because of Beachbody I'm a better wife, mother, daughter, friend, and everything else!

Q: What is your favorite Adelaide quote?  (Note from the interviewer.  Her daughter, Adelaide, who is just 3 years old is the funniest most truthful little kid I've EVER met!)
A: And oh gosh, my Adelaide doozies! She is a character!

But, my favorite (that I can think of so far) is when we were driving somewhere, and I was having a little moment frustration that we were a little late. Adelaide asked my why I was "fwustwated". I said, I was frustrated that we were running late and not where we needed to be. And her sweet little 3-year-old self said "Don't be fwustwated, Mommy. We're right where Jesus wants us to be. Well, gol. Isn't that just ALWAYS the TRUTH.


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