Thursday, September 11, 2014

We're All Seeds: Finding Purpose in this Crazy Life

I had a thought last night while I was making popcorn, a little random, but I wanted to share it.

-There are some people that get so excited they literally 'pop' right out of the gate when they start something. They get so amped up that they just can't help themselves, they are fun to be around, and everyone wants to know them and can't get enough...much like my relationship with popcorn ;)

-There are other people who take their time, but each day, they stay consistent, and while it may seem like small things they are doing, eventually they become great and mighty oaks, because they know in the end that they will be able to provide for themselves, but also that they can provide things like shade, homes, and be helpful to others

-There are still others who like to compete, they ARE the winners, their eye is on the goal, and they will not be deterred....these are the great trees found in the Amazon. Everyday they compete for sunlight and water, and they develop skills to ensure that they will not just survive, but thrive. They are the leaders, and every other plant looks to them as a source to help them survive.

-There are some that are pretty methodical, they like a plan, they are strategic, they like lists, these are the seeds of the desert plants. They have to be careful as water is scarce, and in order to grow they have to have a good soil, strong roots, and a way to conserve water. So, a plan is very necessary in their life!

My question to you is, which one are you? Are you a combination? I know I am, but I want to know about YOU!

Feel free to share this with friends if you want to know what 'seed' they most identify with!


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