Thursday, September 11, 2014

When you Believe, NOTHING can stop you: A Military Wife's Perspective on Deployment

Get ready. This one is heart-felt.

When I had these professional pictures taken two weeks ago, I really had to think and consider it. I wanted people to know that I am still ME, but that I have CONQUERED so much. These pictures are an outside reflection of that.

When this deployment began, I was: 

DETERMINED to thrive
REFUSING to wallow
DRIVEN to succeed

Over the last 6 months, I experienced things that I don't think I will EVER experience again. Like Thailand. My GOSH! Who gets to do that?! It was awesome and amazing.

I went to Florida TWICE. Once for a BeachBody cruise, and once to vacation with my family. Completely AMAZING. In the past, I felt LUCKY to go on one vacation PER YEAR. Now, in just 6 months I've been on THREE.

When I got back from Thailand I knew it was time to buckle down and begin P90X3. I have worked, for 90 days on exercising 30 minutes a day, sticking to a meal plan (most of the time!), and also, putting my head down and making this amazing business THRIVE.

Have I had bad days while my husband is gone. Of course! I would think there was something wrong with me if I hadn't! But, I didn't let a bad evening turn into a bad day. I wouldn't allow a sad moment ruin the entire DAY. It's not easy to change your mind (especially when you have one as stubborn as mine!), but I was able to do it with God's strength. Sure. I have had a workout everyday, I have had a plan, but I couldn't have done ANY of it without Christ leading me through each moment, and praying through some of the bad ones.

This is not a coach invitation, this is not an invitation to a challenge group. I just wanted you to know, that someone has been where YOU are in this moment, has been through hard things, and has come OUT on the other side!

*You are stronger thank you know.
*Smarter thank you think.
*And have more guts than you ever thought possible.

Pursue your dream. Get through the hard times. Determine in your heart that you will thrive.


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