Thursday, September 11, 2014

You Have a Master's Degree....WHY are YOU a BeachBody Coach?!

'If you have a Master's Degree, why are you a BeachBody coach?'

GREAT question, let me tell you.

Just because someone has a graduate degree, does not mean that it's easy to find a job OR when you do find that job, it doesn't mean that you will make what you are WORTH.

When I graduated with my Master's, I thought I had it ALL figured out. I thought I would get a job in a month, MAX. Those FOUR months that I wasn't working were the hardest for our family. I was determined to be okay, and I was too prideful to ask for help from anyone. However, with my husband's income, we knew that I NEEDED a job....and fast.

However, it was either that I had too little experience, or that I was overqualified. I was so frustrated, and our savings account was starting to dwindle. I was really scared.

I started selling anything that wasn't nailed to the ground on Craigslist. I shopped at Aldi's, we didn't have dates, I made a lot of casseroles, and I started taking odd jobs. 

One day, while I was on my hands and knees, cleaning the stairs of a millionaire's home, I was asked by the contractor what it is that I went to school for. I told him 'Psychology', he said, 'oh, do you have bachelor's degree?' While I looked up at him, with the dust rag in my hand, I said 'no, I have a Master's degree', and my eyes welled up with tears. I could tell it was awkward for both of us. Little did I know, things would get more awkward.

In May, our savings was completely tapped out. But I still had my pride. I refused to receive assistance from anyone....our parents, the government, anyone. It was ALL off the table for me. So, I found a program through local churches called 'Angel Food', and for a discounted price you could receive a lot of groceries. As I stood in that line, I kept screaming in my head 'but I have a Master's degree!'

At the end of June, a GIANT blessing finally emerged. I had an interview with a man who quickly became a mentor to me. I FINALLY had a job. It wasn't pretty, and it was the last thing I expected. But I was so grateful for the opportunity....who knew that this quiet girl who cries pretty easily could hold my own at a jail of all places. I think I surprised the people I worked with, as much as I surprised myself! 

Why? Because when your back is against a do the hard things, and you're THANKFUL for them.

'Candice, what does this have to do with BeachBody?!'

When I moved to Virginia Beach, I knew I would need to be licensed in the state of Virginia. I also knew that I would start 'at the bottom' so to speak again. Taking 3rd shift, having to work weekends....all the times that my husband was home! And after being separated for 11 months, that was less than ideal in my opinion.

I quickly realized that BeachBody COULD work. But oh GOSH was I hung up on that Master's degree! 'I won't be using it!' 'I've thrown it away!' and the big one for me 'What will people THINK?!'

For A WHILE, I let those questions DRIVE my business. Hard core. And it reflected.

Now, I realize that my degree helps me speak to my challengers in a way that other coaches may not be able to. I am able to listen and ask the right questions. My degree is in Counseling Psychology, HELLO! That helps with pretty much everything  And, I'll be honest....a counselor's income is a tough thing. And although I loved helping people, the income was always tough to swallow.

So, my challenge to THOSE of you with degrees....LET DOWN your pride about the degree. We DO work hard for them, and they are NOT easy to attain. But KNOWLEDGE does not always equal income. However, what you DO with that knowledge does. I'm not looking to be a millionaire, I'm not even looking for a new car....I'm looking to pay off debt, I'm looking to provide the means that it takes to help and provide for my family. And THAT is why I push, and why I believe in this company the way I do.

If you want to talk with me one-on-one about this opportunity, I would love to set up a time. For me to NOT share about this opportunity would be SELFISH. I want people to see the freedom that it provides me, has provided my friends, and the OPPORTUNITIES it can bring to your life.


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