Tuesday, November 18, 2014

21 Day Fix Tip: Add Spinach to....EVERYTHING!

If you're like me, you really have a tough time with a certain container....you know...the one that's green...the one that you secretly wish was the yellow one because it has the most servings?


You guessed it.

The veggie container.

I WAS making a humongous stir-fry of vegetables every night because you know...I save everything I can't stand for last, which makes total sense of course (not).

But last week, as I was munching on yet another stir-fry and being kind of pouty about it, I remembered that in my 'pre-shakeology' days, I used to make smoothies that I added spinach to and LOVED it.  And it was then that I had my epiphany: 'I can add spinach to my Shakeology, and I won't even know it!'

First, I tried this recipe:

1 Scoop of Vegan Chocolate (Red Container)
1 yellow container of almond milk
1 banana (2 purples)
2 tsp. peanut butter
spinach (1 WHOLE green container)
Water, Ice, Blend

...this was DELICIOUS.  I also tried it with regular chocolate Shakeology.  Same result.  SO GOOD!

Today, I thought I would be adventurous, and try it with greenberry, here's the recipe:

1 scoop of greenberry
1 banana
1 green container of spinach
Water, Ice, Blend

Again.  Super yummy!

So, if you need help squeezing in those green containers, try this out!  So simple, and you honestly can't even tell you added anything extra.

So until Autumn gets it right and give us 10 servings a day of the yellow container, this should do the trick ;)

Sincerely, Not-so-secret-carb-lover


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