Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart, Let it Go.

There are times in our lives when we've had to 'overcome'. Times when we didn't even do ANYTHING, but rather, it's just a bad situation, or someone did something hurtful. Those times can be pretty TERRIBLE.
I have certainly had my share. And I have allowed them to overtake my life, my emotions, SO MUCH, that I couldn't see ANYTHING else clearly. I found myself in 'shutdown' mode, and only focused on this ONE situation even though I had NO control over the outcome. Sound ridiculous? Oh, it's because it is 
I am not PERFECT at this, but the older I get, the more I understand that phrase 'let go and let God.' I hate cliches, and in particular I don't really care for this one, I feel like it's summing everything up in a nice little bow, when usually, the reason for using it is because things are VERY messy.
However....I understand where it's COMING from.
Literally, the MOMENT when I give the Lord my worries, my fears, my anger, ALL of that negativity, that is the moment that I start to feel SOME peace. It's not always dramatic, there isn't a big gust of wind that blows my hair in just the right way so I look very peaceful, but I feel a little pressure valve in my heart let some steam off.
For whatever reason, I REALLY like to hang onto things. But when I actually put this into practice, it helps me so much.
Do you have a situation that has you completely spinning? Journal it, pray about it, go see a therapist (seriously, therapists are NOT a last resort option!), go for a walk, do whatever it takes to allow your heart to let go of it. It doesn't do us ANY good to hang onto things that we can't change. So isn't it time we just changed our view of it?


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