Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day! A Story About My Favorite Veteran

Let me tell you the story about a man who fought for his dreams.  He knew that they weren't simply a Pinterest board full of quotes.  He knew that it would be hard.  He even knew there was a high chance of failure.  But he fought.

I once had a friend tell me that often times you should listen to your body, rather than your mind.  Because your body has instincts immediately in a situation, while your mind takes time to react to a situation.  This can be seen in a lot of ways, particular in situations that are dangers, or seem to be dangerous.  We've all hear of fight or flight.  But I believe it can help us when making decisions too.

My husband worked a 9-5 job at a medical supply company.  It was steady work, it was a job he was working during the summers in between college, and shortly before we got married, they hired him on full time.  But in his gut, he knew it wasn't the right fit for him.  He knew this for three years.

I think that we may actually be where we are today because he didn't receive a 25 cent raise that he was originally intended to receive.  I will always be thankful they never gave it to him.  Because it was that moment that caused my husband to say 'I don't like where I'm at, and I don't like where I'm heading'.  And I agreed.  I knew he was meant for more.

Every time we talked about this dream that he had, I got excited about it.  There was a lot of uncertainty, a lot of risk, but in my gut, it felt right.  The whole thing did.  And I just knew that he would succeed at it.  Still, we prayed, we discussed, and with each test he passed, the more certain everything seemed.

The day finally came to enlist, and wow, that day, and many, many days after it were so difficult.  My husband endured incredibly difficult training.  He endured injury.  He endured people close to him telling him that he wouldn't make it.

I am so PROUD to say that he DID make it.  We've even survived our first deployment.  Dreams are HARD.  That's why you don't meet a whole lot of people that actually follow them and succeed.  There's challenges along the way.  Doors close.  People will discourage you.  It may seem impossible.  But I want to challenge you and ask you, what does your gut say?

Does it tell you to give it another try?
Does it tell you that you were made for more?
Does it tell you to do it despite naysayers?

Then go, and pursue your dream.  Listen to your gut.  Listen to your heart.  They always know the way.


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