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Top Ten Personal Development Books for 2014

Top Ten Personal Development Books for 2014

There was a point this year that I felt I NEEDED a change in my life.  Nothing was really wrong, but I just knew that things could be better.  So, I made the decision to read one personal development book a week...for as long as it took, until I felt satisfied!

This went on for about three months.  Every week, I went into my Amazon cart, and every week, I came out with something new.  Some books, I will totally admit, did not make the cut for this list.  I either realized I couldn’t finish them in a week, or, I just wasn’t really connecting with them.

However, I definitely read some GEMS.  They helped me, and in doing so, helped other areas of my life, including my business.

So, without further adieu, here is my top 10 list of personal development books for 2014:

  1. Start: Punch Fear in the Face by Jon Acuff.  If you want something funny, yet inspiring, this one is just awesome.
  2. Start with Why by Simon Sinek  I actually listened to the audio version of this one while on a road trip, and if you have the opportunity to do so, I recommend it.  Simon Sinek reads it, and I just really like his voice, and furthermore, you can hear the passion behind his words.  It this doesn’t get YOU and a your business going, I’m not sure what will.
  3. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy: Simple and very straight forward tips on how to be a successful person.  End of discussion.  Ha.
  4. River of Doubt by Candace Miller.  I realize this isn’t a typical ‘personal development’ book.  But this particular adventure that Theodore Roosevelt embarked on is incredibly inspiring.  I mean, the fact that he lived is incredible, but everything that he and his men went through is almost unbelievable.  You also see the true character of a leader.
  5. How to Rock Your Network Marketing Business by Sarah Robbins: As a network marketer, I found this book to give me simple points of reference to help me very specifically in my business from someone who is clearly, very successful in hers.  I’m not big on reading books that give me ‘constructive’ tips, but this was so helpful, it needed to be on the list.
  6. Crush It: By Gary Vaynerchuk:  This guy is the epitomy of someone who lives with passion.  It’s in the way he writes, and it’s in the advice he gives to his readers.  I love his blunt talk that makes you want to get off your butt and do….something!  You may not even know what it is, but you know you’ve got to do it when you’re done with this book.
  7. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell: This man is just one of my favorites.  In this book, he tells you the qualities of a good leader.  He also gives you the qualities of poor leaders, it was a huge game changer for myself.
  8. Give and Take by Adam Grant: If you are someone who is a ‘giver’ like myself, this book is perfect for you.  Often times I have often felt like a doormat as a result in over giving of my time and resources.  However, Adam shows you how now only is giivng a good thing if done correctly, but how it has the ability to help you excel in your endeavors.
  9. The Big Picture by Tony Horton: I mean, how could I not?!  If you like Tony, you’ll like this book.  He writes just like he talks.  I read this at a point in the year that I really needed a cheerleader in my life, but also, a challenge.  Tony gives you the perfect combination of both in this book.
  10. The WillPower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal: Taken originally from a study that she was conducting at Stanford University.  This book breaks down scientifically how we can self-sabotage ourselves, and more importantly, what we can do to stop the cycle of this happening

There you have it!  My goal next year is to come out with this list TWICE.  I simply love to read, and the fact that it’s important for my business gives me a pretty good excuse to do so.  I hope you enjoy these books and find them as helpful as I did!


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