Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Road Trips: Top 5 Ways to Keep Them Healthy

Living far from family, and also, being a military family, I have been on more road trips than I care to count.  But, I have learned to embrace them, and after I'd been on so many, I got kind of tired of peach rings energy drinks, and orders of french fries.  Don't get me wrong, there are times when those are just pretty satisifying (if I'm being totally honest), but, I'm always really glad when I set a goal for my road trip, and I actually achieve it.

So, here are my five tips on making your road trip a little bit healthier, and a little bit more productive:

1. Bring healthy snacks that you'll actually eat:  I'm not sure what your thing is that you crave, but some very common 'go to' healthy snacks that have found their way into my car are:


I tried bananas, but honestly they really start to look funky after a little while, so if you do bring bananas, just eat them at the beginning of the trip instead of towards the end.

2. Bring a CamelBak: Or, a water bottle that you don't have to tip back, but has a straw.  I found that I drink water much more quickly and easily when I have a straw and don't have to tip my head back.  I'm probably just kind of lazy, but that extra effort really makes me think about it.  Or, another suggestion for water is to bring  a six pack of bottled water.  A CamelBak you can easily refill at a rest stop, but if you are weird about 'tastes' of different water, then a six pack of bottled water may be your preference.

3. Meal Replacement Bars:  Here is where my bias of BeachBody products come in.  Bring along a few P90X Bars.  Have you tried these things?!  Let's just say, I can't order them all the time because I may or may not have had stints of eating two a day (my husband gently reminded me 'you know those are MEALS, not just snacks, right?').  All that to say, they will help you with any craving you may come in contact with when you peruse down the candybar aisle in a gas station, and, they will fill you up.  They aren't completely 'clean', but they are going to be much better than that Butterfinger that you're eyeing.

4. Meal Replacement Drinks: Again, BBB (BeachBody Bias) is kicking in here.  But honestly, take along a shaker cup, fill it with water, shake up your favorite Shakeology flavor and you will find that it will keep you awake if you've got a long night ahead of you without making you feel insane like a lot of energy drinks will do.  And, it's filled with 70 superfoods as opposed to untested methlike substances.  I'd say it's more than fair trade off.

5. Audio Books:  I'm a nerd.  And it's totally gonna come out.  Bring along some audiobooks.  I like to mix it up, some are personal development, some are fun novels (especially if it's a long trip), but it's so much better than hitting the 'scan' button on the radio.  Also, I often have my best ideas when I am driving.  If you are fortunate enough to have a road trip buddy, bring a notebook along and jot down your goals and dreams, if you are doing your trip solo, record audio notes on your phone.  Road Trips are a time that you can really focus on things that we normally feel pretty distracted from, so take advantage of that time!

If you are traveling for the holidays like we usually do, I hope that this list is helpful for you, and that you are now in fact cut out for life on the road ;)


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