Monday, December 8, 2014

Top 5 Tips for 21 Day Fix Meal Planning

Meal planning is SIMPLE.

But what is simple, is not always EASY, right?

I promise you, you can make meal planning the easiest thing in the world, or the most complicated things in the world.  So, here are my 5 steps to making it easy, because, we already have enough complication in our lives ;)

1. Don't get too creative.  I know, kind of not fun.  But seriously, you're doing something you have probably NEVER done, so go easy on yourself the first week.  Buy a few fruits and veggies to change out, but keep your proteins the same, so that way, you're  not making something brand new every single day.  Keep your meals the same, with minor variations, and if that's too boring, then get a little more creative the next week with your recipes.  You've got three weeks worth of meals, so ease into it.

2. Don't leave ANYTHING to chance.  If you are on the go, like most of us are, keep an 'emergency pack' in your car.  I fill mine with: almonds (blue container), shakeology individual packets (red container), apples (purple container), a six pack of bottled water, and a shaker cup.  Believe it or not, this gives you a NUMBER of meal combinations for 21 Day Fix if an appointment goes later than you thought or you're running late.  And the excuse of 'I'll just swing into Mickey D's' is totally gone!

3.  Write down your progress.  Whether it's on a white board, a piece of paper, the 21 Day Fix Tracker that you can print out, or even the 21 Day Fix app.  Track what you're doing so you don't sabotage anything, but also, so you can feel accomplished with each day that you're successful!

4. Write down your plan.  I know.  For us procrastinators, this is tough.  But you've gotta make a grocery list, right?  So, you might as well, write down where all that food is going to fit into your week.

5.  Finally, and most importantly, give yourself GRACE.  I'm not saying grab a donut on day two, I'm saying, this is something new, and, it's normal to not feel totally comfortable with it, especially the first week.  So ask questions in your challenge group (don't have one?  Send me a message!), talk to your coach about what they do and any tips they have (don't have a coach, definitely send me a message!).  Ask for help.  This is not a journey that you need to take alone!  And having support will help you to see that there are people out there that have the same questions, the same concerns, and and the same struggles.  And sometimes, it just helps knowing that.  So give yourself some grace, I promise, it will go much smoother if you do.


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