Monday, January 5, 2015

5 Reasons That You Might Be an Introvert

The other day I was thinking about when I was little.  And I was thinking about all of the things that I used to hear from people.  I heard things like

'don't have much to say, huh?'
'don't talk too loudly!'
'you should break out of your shell!'

When I would hear this, I would usually give a shy smile, and then try to make myself even MORE quiet.  I was so self-conscious about it, but I literally had nothing to say, and the longer I tried to think of something to say, the quieter I got.  I was pretty content just sitting in the background, hoping that I wouldn't be noticed.  For the longest time, I felt like something was wrong with me.  Why did I get so nervous if I had to talk to people?  How come I preferred books to talking?

After many years, I've realized that nothing is wrong.  I'm just an introvert.  And I'll say it as loudly and proudly as this introvert can!  (That means I'll just be writing about here in my little blog).

If you're not sure, or, if you have someone in your life that you think MIGHT be an introvert, here are 10 ways that I discovered I was.  These are our quirks.  This is how we roll.  W
e may vary from person to person on these, but for the most, I have found that me (and my introverted friends), tend to live by these rules:

1. You are exhausted when you leave a party: For extroverts, this gives them MORE energy.  For us, we use our energy UP because we've been talking, and a bath and a book sound like a great way to end the evening.

2. You may have trouble opening up to people in conversations, but you are very comfortable with social media: I think this is why I can write.  This is why my business is online.  I don't do as much talking as I do thinking.  Then, I DO want to get my thoughts out, it just usually involves pencil and paper, social media, or for some, even writing a book.  The best authors in the world were introverts.

3. A 'get together' of three to five people sounds better than a 'party': A small group of people is so much more fun for us!  And when we find out that you are ALSO a Harry Potter fan?  Well, watch out.  You may even find introverts doing this AT parties.  I try NOT to do it because I know it looks anti-social, but I usually find 2-3 people and spend my evening chatting with them.  We are terrible minglers!

4. We NEED time alone: I remember very distinctly that I was on a trip with friends, and we were all sharing a room.  We didn't know each other super well, we were rooming together for the sake of cost.  Needless to say, I was about to lose my mind.  I found myself WAKING UP EARLY (that is SO not my thing), and heading down to the Starbucks and just sitting with my coffee.  I didn't even want to read.  I just wanted to sit there and not talk.  It was bliss.  I wasn't trying to be rude.  I just wanted time to myself.  We get our energy by having time alone.  Alone=a happy introvert.  Not that I don't want to be with people, I actually really enjoy it, I just need time to myself.

5.  Sometimes we want the 'noise' without the interaction: In college, I loved heading to the library to get my work done.  I just worked better away from my room.  I really liked being around people, but still having my little corner in the library to myself.  My room was sometimes TOO quiet, and not even music could help it out.  Therefore, you will find a lot of us in coffee shops and we've got a our laptops out, our drink, and our notebooks.  Sometimes the 'noise' of others is all the interaction we need to get our work done and help us focus.

These are just a few ways that you might be an introvert.  When I realized this, and truly accepted who I was, and that there are actually a lot of people like me, it was empowering.  And if you're introverted, I hope it is for you too.  There is power in NOT using words.  A book that really helped me out in understanding this part of me is Quiet by Susan Cain.  I recommend that you give it a read!


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