Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DIY Project: How to Make a Bay Window Cushion

Hi everyone!

So, I'm changing it up slightly, and showing you probably one of my only DIY projects ever, ha.  I'm not very creative when it comes to projects around the house, however, if it means something will be cheaper, then I'm all in!  So, as you may have guessed, I can't take credit for this project.  I found it on Pinterest, and to see the original blog post, please go here: Bay Window Cushion DIY

So, here's what I did!

1. First, you've got to measure your bay window, so you know the right size fabric and foam to buy!

2. Next, buy your foam and fabric.  Foam is shockingly, pretty pricey, but if you head to Jo-Ann's they do have coupons online that I highly recommend you download. Typically, you can get them ranging from 30-50% off, depending on the time of year.  Since this is more decorative, and not a place where people are typically going to be sitting, we went a little on the cheap side and bought the 1", as opposed to the 2", just keeping it real, folks!

3. Once you have gotten over the shock of how expensive foam is, and you've picked out your cute print of fabric, lay it out on a flat surface, and then, using safety pins, wrap the foam in the fabric, much like you would a Christmas gift: 

4. Be sure to pin it pretty tightly, so that, when you flip it over, it has a clean look, with no creases.

5. Flip it over, and admire your masterpiece!  This took me, maybe 15 minutes, and has added a little more color and cuteness to our family room! And, we saved atleast $50, as most bay window cushions we looked at started at $100, and that was without custom measurements, which, most cushions will probably require.  Also, if you decide to change your decor, it's no big deal, just head back to Jo-Ann's and pick out new fabric :)

Now, I just need to find those perfect accent pillows!



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