Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Top 5 Favorites: Most Inspiring Movies I've Ever Seen

So, this post is going to really showcase my quirkiness.  But, these movies make me feel as though just about anything is possible in my own life.  I don't know how a movie can do that exactly, but it totally can if it hits the right chord, and, I believe, the right particular moment in your life.  I have always loved movies, and thank goodness, I am married to someone who shares in this pastime with me.  We don't always have the same taste, but it's similar enough that we can watch our fair share together.

At any rate, these are the movies that have MOVED me in some way.  Some of them bring me to tears every time I watch them, and in some way, they let my imagination run a little wild in my own life, and I love that.  So, here they are, in no particular order:

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: If you like movies with beautiful landscapes, a little bit of dry humor, some quirky scenes, and a guy who is searching for the meaning of his life, along with a really awesome soundtrack, then you will LOVE this movie.  There are moments that get me teary-eyed, even though there is nothing sad at all about this movie, I just get moved to tears, so, don't mind me.  This movie is about a guy, who has had the same job, and has lived his life the same way for many, many years, but has always dreamed of going elsewhere.  The story takes him to do just that, and if you love it as much as I did, it will do the same for you.

2. Big Fish:  This movie is directed by Tim Burton, but, I believe it shows his softer side, and, you know, it's still a little strange, as only his movies can be.  Also, I cry every. time.  The movie follows the story of a broken relationship between a father and son, because the son believes his father has lied to him about who he is, and instead, covered it up with crazy stories.  The father is now dying, and he goes through and tells the stories again, and, they are crazy.  But one thing that shines through is how likable his character is, and how incredibly optimistic he always remains.  And, he doesn't allow his stories to waiver at all, even though everyone thinks he's insane.  So, it definitely speaks to the dreamer in me, that you should follow your heart, and absolutely, live your life to the fullest.

3. Interstellar:  I didn't think that I would like this movie as much as I did.  But, I find myself highly anticipating whenever it comes out on blu-ray.  It's a bit sci-fi, which, isn't always my favorite, and I will admit, it gets a little intense and possibly confusing if you're not in the right mood as it deals with blackholes and time travel.  However, the hope that Matthew McConaughey's character clings to throughout the entire movie, and, it's what makes him a bit of an outlier is what I loved.  He defies reason, he defies what anyone else is saying, and pursues his dream to make the world better for his family.  Also, the soundtrack is going to get you at certain parts for sure.  It deserves the Oscar nomination that it recently received.

4. Avatar: I know I'm going to be mocked a little for this one.  But, I don't care.  I remember when this movie came out, and I remember thinking 'I am NOT going to see it, it sounds dumb'.  Well, then I watched it...THREE TIMES in the theater.  I hadn't done that before, and I haven't done that since.  It sounds a little strange, but this movie helped push me to realize that there was MORE out there.  And, perhaps it just struck me at the right time.  But, it got me thinking that my life was about so much more than the 9 to 5.  I know, I know.  A little deep for a movie about aliens.  But, if you watch it, you'll understand.  I loved the main character.  That he's chosen as an invalid, to live in an 'avatar's' body, and then quickly sees how simply viewing something from a new perspective made him see that the world wasn't as black and white as he originally thought.  And, then he has to fight against his 'old perspective' a bit too.  All I can say, is that I was moved to tears each time I watched it, and it was definitely used as instrument in helping me see my own life in a new perspective.  Okay, you can laugh now...but just a little ;)

5. Field of Dreams: Ahh!  I love this one!  We proudly own it, and my husband and I watch it together all the time!  He likes to say that this movie is about him and I.  Except we don't have a cornfield that we're mowing down, we're just building a business, but I get how Kevin Costner feels at times.  There are so many quotable quotes, you get to hear James Earl Jones' amazingly wonderful voice, and, you meet a man who defies everyone that calls him crazy, and listens to 'the voice'.  Also, I LOVE that his wife is totally on board and supports what appears to be his complete insanity.  She believes in him, fights for him, has moments of doubt, but all along, loves him, and has security in that love.  She's my favorite.  

So, there you have it!  Now, I need to go and watch ALL of these again, ha!  I hope you have fun re-watching them, or, finding a gem that you cling to, and it inspires you to do MORE.  Movies are complete entertainment, but every now and then, I believe that they can be instruments in helping us see what is capable in our own lives.  Much like a song, a quote, or a great speaker.  Don't underestimate their worth!  Keep moving those dreams forward my friend <3


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