Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Spinach, Pear, and Banana Smoothie

This past week while I was in DC, I did a lot of mixing and matching with some fruits that I had, and since my recent discovery of how spinach really doesn't taste like anything, I decided to combine my love of fruit, and my struggle with veggies in this completely tasty smoothie.

When people say that they don't have enough money to make smoothies, or, kind of scoff at them, I'm convinced of two things:

1. They don't realize how easy it is
2. They don't realize how good they can taste

A lot of times when we think of smoothies we go to extremes.  We either think of a super tasty, yet completely full of sugar amazingness like what they serve at Orange Julius.  Or, we think of a green drink that is filled with really gross sounding ingredients like oh, I don't know, alfalfa sprouts and wheat grass for instance.

What I want to say, is that there are SO many combinations in between these two extremes.  And nearly all of them are healthy, and, somehow, they always manage to help me use up ingredients in my fridge that I really don't want to eat just on its own.

Do I think it's cool to down an Orange Julius everyday?  No.  Not in the least.  Unless you want to become diabetic and overweight.  Do I think that we should all be having a wheat grass shot daily?  No.  I mean, I've never even had one because I'm kind of scared of them to be honest.  Most of us live somewhere in between these two extremes, and so, I hope that this simple recipe opens up your mind a little to the possibility of trying it out every now and then.

And if you think a blender is expensive, think again!

I bought a Hamilton Beach single serving blender for $15.  Nothing fancy schmancy, but it does the job.

Anyhow, here's my new fav recipe that I threw together!

Prep Time: 5 minutes or less  Serves: 1

What You Need:
1 banana (chopped)
1 pear (chopped)
1/2 cup spinach (chopped)
1 cup almond milk (unsweetened, vanilla)
2-3 ice cubes

1. Chop the banana, pear, and spinach and place in the blender
2. Add the almond milk and icecubes
3. Blend, and enjoy <3


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