Monday, February 9, 2015

Top Coach Training: Create Your Why, Create Your Community

I could just gush and gush about the reasons that BeachBody has blessed my life.  But tonight, I want to talk about just one: Community.

I am convinced, both, as I look back on past jobs, and as I look at my current position as coach, that community matters.

I have been in wonderful work environments in the past, and I've also been in pretty hostile ones.  And you know where I thrived?  In the ones where I felt welcomed and valued.  BeachBody has done that for me about 100 times over.

Initially, I became a coach because a friend of mine, whom I had worked with in the past, and LOVED working with her, asked me to be a part of it all.  There were other reasons, but that was a very large part.  Little did I know, that again, the beginning of working with just one friend, would result in working with many, many friends.

You see, when you create a dream job, you find yourself surrounded by people who think the very same way.  These are women who dream of financial freedom, of spending a full weekday with their kiddos, of not having to ask for vacation time, but rather, decide when the NEXT vacation will be.  And they don't just think of themselves, they actually help YOU build your dreams too.  Now, that's the kind of people that I like to be around.

And then, something truly amazing started happening when I began to build my own team.  It started filling up with women who thought just like that.  Like attracts like.  And that's all there is to it.

I'm looking for women who want that.  That need a community of positivity.  Who have dreams to build.  That want to build others up in the process, and most importantly, are READY for a change.

On March 2nd, I'll be hosting a 21 Day group that will provide you with everything that I've learned including:

-Step by step instructions on building your business via social media
-Creating your why in building your business
-One-on-One Mentorship
-Weekly Video Chats

If you are curious about this opportunity, fill out my application in the link below, I would love to chat with you about it!


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