Friday, March 13, 2015

IVF Update: We are Ready To GO!

Hey everyone!

I didn't mean to keep everyone in suspense today, it's been a bit of a crazy day, and this has literally been my first chance to sit down!  However, here's the news!

We are officially scheduled for our second round of IVF!

The end of March I will be headed back to the clinic, and start the shots and the appointments all over again.  But you know what's really cool?  I'm not nervous anymore, I'm just really, really excited about it all to begin again.  The doctors know so much more about me, and our specific case going into this second round, I feel as though we just can't lose.

As some of you may recall, our last cycle was cancelled due to my body not responding to the low dosage of hormones I was given.  Well, now, they are just going to pump me up as much as they can, and hopefully we'll get something going.  It's going to be uncomfortable, I'm going to feel even more bloated than I already do on the current dosage of medication I've been taking, but, we'll be one step closer to meeting our sweet babe.

Also, in the midst of scheduling the appointment, something else really exciting happened!

We paid for this IVF cycle in cash <3

I won't lie, I cried when I got off the phone.  I'd never paid a bill that big in my entire life, but, me being me, I checked and re-checked our finances that we could do it, and we did!  And the really cool part, was that it wasn't saved, we still have our emergency fund, it was money from BeachBody checks.

That company, and what it's doing for our family just gives me goosebumps.  I can't share enough how blessed I feel that I work from home, work with some of my closest friends, and have met amazing people, and feel inspired pretty much everyday.

That just didn't happen in previous jobs.  But gosh.  It's happening now.

The idea that someone like me, a person who questions everything about myself, decided to get the courage to inspire others, and I see that hard work now being reflected in my paycheck.  Words just can't describe it.

I always knew I would help people...I really never thought I would make much money doing it.  Enough to cover my bills.  Enough to take a little vacation once a year.  But never this.  I say it not to brag or boast.  But to tell you that if I can do this, I know there is someone reading this who questions if it's the right move for them, and if you're questioning it, I ask you to talk to me about it.  This opportunity is changing Jordan and I's future.  Literally!  I just witnessed it when I made that call earlier this week!  It's taken hard work.  It's taken some tenacity.  It's taken me rolling a few negative comments off my shoulders.  But, I don't regret any of it.  And in fact, I look forward to MORE hard work, because I LOVE what I do!

BeachBody is quickly turning into the vehicle that is providing the foundation of financial freedom that Jordan and I thought we wouldn't accomplish until we were much older.  Now, we see that with some sweat, an amazing team, and a lot of passion, we are doing just that, and it makes our hearts so happy.

If coaching is something that you want to know more about, please, let me know, comment below, send me an e-mail, or facebook message.  I am here, and I will not mince words about it, and will tell you exactly what I do, and how I do it.

In the meantime, if you could keep us in your prayers for the end of March, I would really appreciate it!  We are so excited that we could just bust about this second cycle.  This feels like it's the right time, this time around.  So, thank you so much for your support, prayers, and encouragement, we couldn't be happier!


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  1. Praying for you, hubby, and soon-to-be new family! Keep up the good work!


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